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With 1.3 Million users, Tariq Krim ditches the JoliOS & announces Jolicloud 2

Tariq Krim and a few members of his staff gathered at Numa to present Jolicloud’s 2 Home and Drive. The low-key event called Jolicloud Ecosystem Party saw circa 100 people attend, and was structured around 3 moments: Tariq Krim’s intro speech, François Beaufort Chromium Evangelist presenting APIs, and 4 selected french startups that will soon […]

The  Ridesharing Landscape in Paris Is About To Get Overhauled

The Ridesharing Landscape in Paris Is About To Get Overhauled

The Parisian ride-sharing landscape has been stirred up after Uber’s announcement of UberPop’s launch last Tuesday. This of course can’t be indulged by everybody and some reacted promptly. But before getting to that, what exactly is the Parisian ride-sharing landscape? The landscape There are basically 2 young Lyft- like startups operating in Paris. The first […]

Startup Keynote tells the story of successful entrepreneurs

Startup Keynote tells the story of successful entrepreneurs

A few days ago, the first edition of a series of debates entitled Startup Keynote took place. Co-organized by Leeaarn and partnered up with Orange and Microsoft, this first talk offered useful insights from successful French entrepreneurs about the importance of having a co-founder. The talk was moderated by Olivier Ezratty, consultant and author of […]

Disrupt Europe: Will the Hardware revolution take roots in Europe?

Lots of people complained about Disrupt Europe as sponsors being too influential or the sales focus. The fact is the Startup Battlefield was controversial, some of the startups having already raised money, one of them up to $8 mil. Then there was this tweet where Michael Arrington proposed to not choose a winner for this […]

USAWeek to bring high-level VCs & Business Angels to Europe

Speaking of business opportunities in Europe, The European American Entreprise Council is organizing the first edition of USAWeek Europe, a must go to event to be held at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain from November 11 to 14. The California-based Council is run by leading executives and advisors with a broad experience and know how […]

The Silicon Valley’s role in Narrowing the Funding Gap in Europe

Europe is evidently a central topic in the panel discussions evolving at Disrupt Berlin. One of the related recurring subjects is funding and european market. Here’s what some of the speakers at the conferences had to say about that, in particular : Roberto Bonanzinga from Balderton Capital, Sonali de Rycker from Accel Partners, Saul Klein […]

Is Bitcoin the new Euro in Europe?

The first edition of TechCrunch Disrupt Europe hit the starting blocks this Monday morning, after the 24h hackathon that already took place. It has been full of interesting startups to meet and interesting panel talks to attend, and it’s getting better and better. Rude Baguette will keep you posted during the 2-day long event. One […]

Here are the top hacks from the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2013 Hackathon

With 91 pitches by teams from all over the world, the jury at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe had a difficult task choosing the best hackathon projects. The teams had 24 hours to code a product and 60 seconds to pitch it. Every team who pitched got 2 free tickets to Disrupt Europe 2013, the 3 best […]

Montpellier to welcome 1,300 for Digiworld Summit to discuss the crossroads of the digital ecosystem

Digiworld Summit 2013 will take place in Montpellier on November 19th- 21st , organized by IDATE. This year’s edition is entitled “The Digital Gold Mines” which are supposed to be Smart Connectivity, Video as a Service, Digital Malls, Data Monetization and Digital Money. The 3-day long event is an opportunity to discuss the sources of value that […]

Webit to welcome 8,000 to Istanbul: why not join them, all expenses paid?

Istanbul, Turkey is about to host on November 6-7 the 5th edition of the Webit Congress one of the biggest events out there focused on bringing growth, knowledge, networking and business opportunities to digital marketing and innovation, telco and tech industries. The event developed and grew from 1500 attendees for its first edition back in […]