With Felix Capital, Frederic Court brings Silicon Valley-style investment to Europe

Jun 22, 2015
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Earlier this month, Felix Capital burst onto the London Venture Capital scene with a new $120 Million investment fund. Launched by Frederic Court, the fund wasted no time doing what Court does best – co-investing with US VC funds in startups that are outperforming their American counterparts. In this case, that means a co-investment with USV’s Fred Wilson in La Ruche Qui Dit Oui (“Food Assembly”); however, Court has had similar experiences at this previous job as a General Partner of Advent Venture Partners, investing in Feedly & Dailymotion.

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With the launch of Felix Capital, which pronounces matter-of-factly that they are “a venture capital firm for the creative class,” Europe is seeing an influx of Silicon Valley-hardened investors who are turning to Europe, not only for cheaper valuations, but for globally minded startups popping up outside of the United States. While the Silicon Valley is still seen as a necessary rite of passage for any startup looking to seduce the GAFA, Europe’s 500 million inhabitants are increasingly giving rise to European entrepreneurs with an ability to think, if not globally from day one, then European from day one.