10 Connected Conference speakers unveiled: Alcatel Lucent, SIGFOX, Narrative, Indiegogo, FirstMark Capital & more!

Feb 17, 2015
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Last week we opened up tickets for the Connected Conference – our 3-Day Paris event dedicated to the wonderful intersection of Internet & Hardware. If you weren’t one of the lucky 50 people who grabbed their 2 For 1 Tickets last week, you should probably sign up for our Connected Newsletter, our weekly report on the Connected Industry, which includes flash deals on tickets.

We’ve already announced more than a dozen speakers for the Connected Conference, including Alcatel Lucent CEO Michel Combes, Narrative Co-Founder Martin Källström, FirstMark Capital’s Matt Turck, Within Labs’ Siavesh Mahdavi, & Indiegogo’s Kate Drane. If you haven’t picked up on it already, we’re pushing the “global” barrier even more this year. Our speakers come from increasingly different backgrounds- CEOs of companies large & small, investors & crowdfunders, and innovators from all backgrounds.

This year’s theme, The Rise of The Internet-Enabled Hardware Industry, says so much about what is happening in the Connected ecosystem. On the one hand, we are seeing that Industrial players are waking up to the ever-changing landscape, and, in some markets, are outperforming agile, ‘software-esque’ hardware startups trying to push through incumbents much like software startups were able to: such is true in the Connected Home, for example, where few startups have been able to crack open appliance industry. On the other hand, with the realization that adding a sensor or two to an existing product can make it ‘connected,’ the question must soon be answered whether it is easier to be a connected startup and build a hardware product, or be a hardware company and build a connected product.

We will reveal new speakers every week, so stay tuned (did I mention the Connected Newsletter); however, you can bet on us talking about – & showing off – how 3D Printing is Enabling Small-Batch Production, how we are Bringing the Doctor’s Office Home With Us, & what health data Insurance companies should & shouldn’t have access to.

Ticket prices go up 25% at the end of the month, so grab your tickets today!