Withings $150 Activité Pop – a smartwatch for the price of an activity tracker

Jan 5, 2015
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Among the first big announcements coming out of CES this year is that Withings is releasing a low-cost version of its quantified-self smartwatch the Activité, which launched last June, cutting the $450 watch down to $150 in a new, less luxury style.

In its category, Withings’ Activité Pop will pose a major threat to Fitbit-esque activity bands, while giving those who aren’t willing to go full Smartwatch an alternative that looks something like Swatch made a scuba-diving watch.

Activité Pop’s key feature is that, within its watch-like face, an addition hand shows you the percentage of your daily fitness objectives. The advantage of the watch is that it is not just an activity tracker – for those who already wear watches, Withings offers a daily product that you won’t put down after three weeks, while adding a nice ‘smart meter’ inside the traditional face.

Withings established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the quantified health space in 2014 – partnering with Insurance companies, with a product line-up that include watches, pedometers & scales that measure physical fitness as well as blood pressure. Last year’s big CES announcement, the Aura, hasn’t had quite the screaming success that I personally thought it would have (what better way to track my sleep than by connecting my mattress?), and I think that Apple’s move into the quantified health space will pose a big threat to Withings – or perhaps, wear Samsung acquired SmartThings, Apple will acquire Withings, one of the top selling Apple Store products.