Data Visualization startup qunb acquired by VE Interactive in “multi-million pound” deal

Dec 2, 2014
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Data visualization startup qunb has been acquired by VE Interactive for a “a multi-million pound” amount, the later announced on their company website this week. qunb, once a self-described “YouTube of Data” is an alumni of both LeCamping & TechStars Boston, and had, since 2013, pivoted to push their Google Analytics data visualization.

Earlier this month VE Interactive, a 500-person team with 6,000 clients in 18 countries – including Yandex & Yahoo Japan –  also acquired ad company GDM Digital for £7 Million. What the company plans to do with its newly acquired companies remains a mystery, but they are not the first agency to acquired startups in an effort to bring some native digital blood into the heart of the company.

Cyrille Vincey, co-founder & CEO of qunb, had the following to say about the acquisition:

We’ll keep and expand the qunb team here in Paris. Our mission: build the Big Data infrastructure (it’s probably in the top10 worldwide in terms of data volumes) and build Insights and Analytics products on top of it.