New figures around Twitter’s mobile adoption in Europe may raise eyebrows from IPO analysts

Oct 3, 2013
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A recent report by mobile app analytics company Onavo has shed light into Twitter’s penetration (or lack thereof) into the European Market. The study, which benchmarks Social Media apps Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Vine based on their traffic in August, looks at gender & age breakdowns, but it also examined Twitter’s global reach by country.

The data is assessed by looking at the number of users who have the Twitter iPhone app in a given country, as a percentage of the number of overall iPhone users in said country. While Twitter’s reach in countries like Indonesia & Mexico is extraordinary (50%+), there is a clear lack of penetration in Western Europe, with Germany (8%) France (12%) Russia (20%) & Italy (22%) coming in amongst the bottom countries looked at in the study.

Given what we know about Twitter’s re-focus on Europe & Asia, it’s no surprise that adoption on mobile as a function of overall adoption is lagging. As Twitter runs headfirst towards its IPO, analysts will be analyzing its prospects as a major advertising platform, one of the many aspects they will examine, similar to Facebook, will surely be their effectiveness on Mobile.





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