LiveMinutes raises $1.4M from US investors as it pushes into the crowded real-time collaboration space

Jul 30, 2013
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LiveMinutes has raised $1.4M from Great Oaks Venture Capital & New World Ventures this week. First covered on Presse Citron, the real-time collaboration service, founded in France, has gone west in search of funding, and has succeeded. The fundraising announcement comes hand in hand with the release of a new version of their web platform, which features integration with Evernote.

The startup comes a bit late to the “collaborative work spaces” games – this editor is currently using Azendoo, but we’ve also tried Asana, Zoho, and even RedMine at some point. Most of these services feature integrations with Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and so the ultimate differentiation comes down to the ability to more closely align the needs of its users with the product itself. Azendoo’s “Get Shit Done” philosophy has led them to remove any task dependencies, a news feed in which you follow tasks instead of people, and they have a 0 Gantt chart policy.

LiveMinutes focuses on editing on top of a document, commenting on a collaborative work among colleagues, combining a to-do list, document editor, chat, and productivity management all in one web app.

Clearly Great Oaks and New World Ventures see something in this app – only time will tell how it floats among users.