Deloitte opens applications for its Fast 50 Technology companies in France

Jul 12, 2013
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Deloitte announced this week the opening of its annual Fast 50 Technology companies competition this week. French high-growth companies are invited to submit the free application for review. The annual competition is also coupled with Deloitte’s infamous Fast 500. Last year’s list included Criteo, Deezer, Viadeo & Dailymotion, as well as Sewan Communications and many other high-growth companies.

Any company that’s younger than Pinterest need not apply; the competitions requires companies to have been created before January 1st, 2008 (this isn’t a competition for seed companies). Companies are also required to have at least 50K in annual revenue, in 2008. The competitions will cover 8 sectors: Biotech, TelCo & networks, Hardware, Internet, Semi-conductors and electronic components, Media & pleasure, Software and IT services, and GreenTech.

Through its ability to pick out the well-known stars and the unsung heroes, Deloitte’s Fast 50 Technology list has become a staple for companies like Criteo, who have topped the list two years in a row with their 1000%+ growth and impending IPO.

Companies are invited to sign up here