Appsfire 4.0 – finally mobile app discovery the way it should be


Appsfire logoThis week news was buzzing that over 1 million apps had been approved in the app store since its launch (as reported by Appsfire); what better a time for someone to come along and dethrone it as the go-to place for finding new apps. Appsfire announced today the release of Appsfire 4.0, which they think will be the definitive App recommendation service for iPhone. They have already established themselves as a player in the app recommendation space – their Appsfire Deals app has become a must for anyone looking to get regular recommendations for new apps based on their current apps, especially for the budget conscious! Their Appsfire app score has also demonstrated their recommendation capabilities.

“Many companies have tried to build a recommendation engine for apps. but most have failed to gain any kind of traction.”

The new version released today with a major update – Appsfire says they have focused on Speed, Relevancy, and Quality.
They’ve rebuild the app from the ground up, providing predictive search as well as the ability to follow a search term like an RSS feed, getting notified when new apps match your search keywords. Much like Twitter, they also provide trending terms for easy discovery.
Their recommendation service focuses on your interests (via option Facebook connect), your price points, and your interests – I self-identified as a professional networking gamer.

Appsfire 4.0 Screenshots

In addition to curated selections and a daily digest (by email and on the app), Appsfire will now provide Appsfire Deals, cutting prices on apps to give you exclusive access to them. Their social push will allow you to get notifications about what apps your friends download, and you can get opt-in on paid apps to find out when they go in sale!

For every App Store, there will be a 3rd party service doing it better

There’s no doubt that with over 1 Million apps available for download, Apple just doesn’t have the bandwidth to provide accurate recommendations to every user. While their recent update to the App Store has been an improvement, I still feel more comfortable going with a 3rd party who will sync into my preferences and let me choose what I want to see. It’s like Google vs. Internet Explorer 10 years ago – you’re always going to go with the guy who’s focusing entirely on search/discovery.
I sat down last week with Appsfire co-founder Yann Lechelle for a Rude Hangout, our weekly live video broadcast with a prominent member of the French startup scene.