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Apple purchases Swiss clock trademark for $21 million

Hans Hilfiker of SBB national railways designed the analog alarm clock for your iPhone back in 1944. True, Apple didn’t come into existence until April 1, 1976-but  today, Apple avoids a lengthy and costly litigation process with the Swiss railway in a $21 million purchase. This is creating a lot of buzz on the internet partly because […]

Google TV adds Music & Movies in Europe on Nexus 4 launch date

Google TV adds Music & Movies in Europe on Nexus 4 launch date

Google has just announced late last week the launch of streaming TV and movies on their Google TV product in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Google, like Apple and Microsoft, has its eyes set on the ‘other screen’, as the TV is called these days, since people spend more time on their computers and phones than […]

La Fête de l'Entrepreneur, tonight at ESCP

La Fête de l'Entrepreneur, tonight at ESCP

The fourth annual ‘Fête de l’Entrepreneur’, which is organised by L’ESCP Europe, will be taking place tonight starting at 18h and is expected to attract 2k attendees.  A free event that is open to all those in the entrepreneurial community, La Fête de l’Entrepreneur will offer the opportunity to network, participate in various informative events […]

Angelhack Paris hackathon offers $1000s in prizes

The weekend before LeWeb, all over the world AngelHack is organizing a global hackathon that’s lined up some impressive speakers, mentors, and prizes. The event claims to be the “big leagues” of hackathons, bringing together 2500 developers from Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles & Toronto for its December edition – with sponsors like Google, […]

Coworking Europe Conference brings top coworking spaces to Paris

Today at the Mutinerie coworking space in Paris, the Coworking Europe Conference kicked off its three-day conference at one of Paris’ most notorious co-working spaces. We’ve previous editions having taken place in Brussels and Berlin, this year’s conference hopes to bring together European and global  coworking space managers, entrepreneurship activists, nomad and innovation experts, collaboration gurus, […]

Etalab & The future of Open Data in France

In this week’s newsletter, we discussed the government’s apparent decision to reorganize and potentially put the breaks on Etalab, France’s Open Data project.  After about week of confusion about what really was going on with Etalab, it seems that project is not ending, but transforming into something else that is not yet completely defined.  According to their […]

Startup Trends according to the 16 LeWeb Paris Finalists

LeWeb announced this week the 16 finalists who will be competing this year in the startup competition. Just like last year, we’ll try to give you a quick elevator pitch of what they do, as well as what trends we see based off of the startups selected. The theme for this year’s LeWeb is the […]

WebDeux Connect returns for its 6th edition Nov. 16-17

Hosted by Power-on cofoudners Sebastien Rousset and Jean-Francois Ruiz, WebDeux Connect has established itself as a strong annual Web 2.0 conference in Paris. Bringing together executives from startups, innovation leaders in big companies, as well as thought leaders in France, WebDeuxConnect is back again this year. The conference will touch on several themes particularly pertinent […]

Japan's renewed appetite for Europe

The Rude VC disappeared to Japan last week for a combination of business meetings and some spiritual re-calibration  I return refreshed and pumped up. Pumped up because the country that the West likes to deride as the one of the “lost decade” is demonstrating a renewed appetite for expansion abroad, especially in the tech sector. This […]

Blackbox Connect is your chance to break into the Silicon Valley

If ever you have met me, you know that I’m not a huge advocate of European startups going to the US from day one. Beyond the VISA issue, the complete lack of a cohesive network, and the cultural/language barriers, I think that your home country, however big or small,, is, at the very least, a […]