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BetAdvisor cracks the code on bet tipsters

In the world of sports betting, there’s nothing better (no pun intended) than having a tipster you trust. He knows which horse has an odd-on advantage, whether Arsenal will beat Manchester United (seriously the only two soccer teams I know in Europe – and I still call it Europe). I don’t know much about sports […]

French government may fund another useless Google competitor

French government may fund another useless Google competitor

Irrespective of the current acrimony between Google and the EU, French government, the French press, etc, Google still dominates search in France and can now boast of having France’s top browser in Chrome [FR].   All of this, of course, unnerves the government to no end.  So, (perhaps) predictably, they’re now mulling over having another go at creating a successful “made […]

Join Rude Baguette for our 1st ever G+ Hangout On Air!

Join Rude Baguette for our 1st ever G+ Hangout On Air!

For the longest time I’ve wanted to interview some of the most innovative members of the French startup community, but I really didn’t want to invest in the total package video  studio. While sometimes I wanted to interview entrepreneurs about their startups, often I just wanted the global startup scene to get a feel for […]

5 Futuristic Start-Ups conceived in the 1900s

The imaginations of one artist c. 1900 prophecy the millennial lifestyle. 1.  mySpark Technologies From the small class size and male-only student body you can tell the illustrator is clearly from the 1900s. By use of mechanical energy to initiate the electrical signals, the machine feeds knowledge and information via electrical wires despite the clear […]

10 Little-Known Facts about the France vs. Google dispute

1. France vs. Google is a User Custody Battle Online news consumption is more about user behavior than about media content. What fails to connect the user with content has more to do with an underdeveloped system in place to synthesize modern media curation. The tendency of online newsprint is to maintain the status quo, […]

Google Cultural Institute – a project 100% Made in France

In October, Google launched Google Cultural Institute in order to help preserve and promote culture online. As reported on The Verge, the site is currently home to a collection of 42 web exhibitions, with everything from the Auschwitz concentration camp to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. What interesting is that this project is one of […]