WebDeux Connect returns for its 6th edition Nov. 16-17


W2C12 LogoHosted by Power-on cofoudners Sebastien Rousset and Jean-Francois Ruiz, WebDeux Connect has established itself as a strong annual Web 2.0 conference in Paris. Bringing together executives from startups, innovation leaders in big companies, as well as thought leaders in France, WebDeuxConnect is back again this year. The conference will touch on several themes particularly pertinent to France. such as collaborative consumption (p2p), Cloud Computing & User Experience.
Among the speakers lined up to represent their themes, they’ve got Airbnb France DG Olivier Gremillon likely discussing  collaborative consumption and the world of P2P market places, Uber France Director Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, and Joliebox CEO Quentin Vacher. I imagine he’ll touch a bit on their recent acquisition by Birchbox.
In addition to the stand web topics, this year’s event will also feature a session on Neuromarketing, a new field of marketing research that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. The session will be led by two French experts in the area, and is a sensitive subject in France, as it is currently forbidden to do Neuromarketing in France.
Each attendee will also receive a gift bag from the event who’s contents currently total over 4800€ euros in value.
I attended the event last year, and it was pretty interesting. While the venue made it difficult to network (they’ve changed the venue this year), the speakers were certainly interesting. I recall a representative from Peugeot speaking about how they’ve applied Lean Manufacturing methods to their practice – this sounded pretty amazing, until Peugeot announced it would be cutting 8,000 jobs in France due to dipping profits. I guess they weren’t as lean as they wanted to be.
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