Coworking Europe Conference brings top coworking spaces to Paris


coworking europe conference logoToday at the Mutinerie coworking space in Paris, the Coworking Europe Conference kicked off its three-day conference at one of Paris’ most notorious co-working spaces. We’ve previous editions having taken place in Brussels and Berlin, this year’s conference hopes to bring together European and global  coworking space managers, entrepreneurship activists, nomad and innovation experts, collaboration gurus, as well as representatives from the public and of the corporate sector.
Sponsored by various coworking spaces in Paris as well as Deskmag, the #1 coworking magazine, the event includes speakers representing coworking spaces from all over the world, including London’s Google Campus, the Zappos coworking space in Las Vegas, New York City’s New Work City, as well as Paris’ La Cantine, Soleilles Cowork, Mutinerie and Parisoma. The event will also feature eWorky founder Cecilie Durieu  – eWorky is a search engine for shared office space, coworking spaces, and other desks for rent.
The event will cover coworking’s global growth over the years, a few success stories, as well as insights into the future of distributed companies and shared office spaces.