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Bordeaux-based Dokker launches Slideshare for documents

One of many startups to launch at Dublin Web Summit this week is the Bordeaux-based Dokker, who has launched their platform for uploading & sharing documents. The site hopes to create a platform for colleagues to share everything from business plan templates to white papers written internally for work or externally for distribution. The company […]

Azendoo adds Google Integration to take on Yammer

Azendoo adds Google Integration to take on Yammer

News is flying at Dublin Web Summit today – even if the Wi-Fi has been down most of the event. Yesterday, Bordeaux-based Azendoo announced Google Integration to their social task management solution, which raised $1.6M earlier this year, essentially, to take on Yammer. The product has been out in invite-only beta for the past few […]

Jolicloud comes full-circle, announces Start Page for your Cloud

Jolicloud comes full-circle, announces Start Page for your Cloud

As Dublin Web Summit continues to see French startups announce one after another new services, fundraising & more, Jolicloud founder Tariq Krim took the stage yesterday to announce the their cloud organize has re-launched, again. The Netvibes founder announced their new “Start Page for your Cloud,” admitting that the startup has taken a few twists […]

Allmyapps announces 400K+ active users & 10K new users/day

At the Dublin Web Summit, allmyapps pitched yesterday with exciting news during the Spark of Genius startup competition. In addition to announcing the release of their V2, available for download here, the Elaia-backed startup announced 400,000 monthly active users & a new user registration rate of 10,000 users per day. The startup, which already boasts […]

Kima-backed Clever Cloud launches PaaS cloud service

Today is a very big day for Clever Cloud, the Nantes based PaaS cloud startup we introduced you to earlier this year.  After two years of  research and development, they are launching their PaaS cloud computing service, which distinguishes itself in the cloud compputing space by offering scaleable and automatic performance and a pay-as-you-go payment model. […]

Win Two Free Tickets to Game Connection Europe

Over the last several weeks, we’ve told you about Game Connection Europe taking place November 28 – 30 at Paris’ Porte de Versailles, which is one of the leading global conferences focusing exclusively on the games sector.  A few highlights to keep top of mind about this year’s Game Connection Europe are: – This year’s […]

The power of immediate feedback

Probably the best recruitment I ever made when I was running my internet real estate startup was of a salesman named Bob. I stumbled onto Bob by accident and hired him in a daze of desperation after a disastrous experience with a previous salesperson. Bob was coaching high school football when I met him, and […]

Ben & Fakto founder Kevin Straszburger talks Startup Failure

Who are you and where are you right now? I’m Kevin Straszburger, I just founded Ben & Fakto, with two friends last year. We started the company just after finishing French business school EDHEC in June 2011. Right now I’m living in Singapore. Prior to working in Singapore, you were the co-founder and CEO of […]

IBM to launch Andromede Competitor IaaS in France

While Andromède spawns Cloudwatt (Orange-Thales) and Numergy (SFR-Bull) continue to toil over the details of their cloud offers [FR], IBM (aka Big Blue) has taken a big step towards establishing a strong position in the French IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) market by launching a datacenter outside of Montpellier.  This datacenter, which is at the heart of IBM’s French […]

E-nnovation | Supermarkets, eCommerce & Big Data

Today I’m out in Poznan, Poland – somewhere in between Warsaw & Berlin – attending e-nnovation, a conference focused on e-commerce trends in Europe and all around the world. The two-day event will feature 34 speakers talking about how worldwide e-commerce trends can be applied to Central & Eastern Europe. Opening up the conference this […]