Allmyapps announces 400K+ active users & 10K new users/day


At the Dublin Web Summit, allmyapps pitched yesterday with exciting news during the Spark of Genius startup competition. In addition to announcing the release of their V2, available for download here, the Elaia-backed startup announced 400,000 monthly active users & a new user registration rate of 10,000 users per day. The startup, which already boasts 3.5M+ users and a catalogue of 16K+ web & windows apps on their appstore, has been helping users “discover, install, update & sync PC apps since 2009” said Co-founder Thibauld Favre during his pitch.
Favre also announced that the startup will be profitable by Q1 2013, as they have begun allowing PC App developers to deliver targeted recommendations to users based on their “Apps Profile,” or the current apps they have downloaded on their PC. Favre also announced that the company plans to be extend beyond PC into multi-device, targeting the ongoing fragmentation between devices and different OS’s. “I want my Android tablet to know that I’m a heavy LinkedIn user on PC, and recommend I download the Linkedin Android App,” says Favre, focusing on the user pain of downloading different versions of apps on each device in order to be able to use the service any time. In order to execute on this vision, Favre says the company will be looking to raise a Series A once the company has reached profitability.
Full Disclosure: The Author of this post currently does freelance work for Allmyapps, and has done so since July 2012.