Bordeaux-based Dokker launches Slideshare for documents


One of many startups to launch at Dublin Web Summit this week is the Bordeaux-based Dokker, who has launched their platform for uploading & sharing documents. The site hopes to create a platform for colleagues to share everything from business plan templates to white papers written internally for work or externally for distribution. The company currently links user profiles to LinkedIn & Viadeo, allowing users to follow their business connections via the service, tracking which of their connections post new documents to Dokker.
Two of Dokker’s cofounders, Fred Ducrot & Hubert Chesnais, presented Dokker at Dublin Web Summit, demo-ing the recently launched product in the startup hall. The self-funded startup is currently looking for investors to a future round, and plans to add search by user to their product in their near future, adding on to their already existing “search by document” feature. For entrepreneurs, the service is a great way to share your experiences in creating documents; while one document does not fit all, having a sample invoice, sample employee contract, and sample press release can make life a little easier for early-stage entrepreneurs.
Sign up takes only a few seconds, and if you’ve got documents that could be useful to others, I highly suggest posting them (potentially after blacking out the sensitive parts, if there are any). The startup has the same vain as Slideshare, providing a cohesive storage location for a previously unorganized invaluable mateiral. I look forward to seeing how they improve the way users interact, share, and discover their growing document base, and hope to see some great documents up there!