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Hacks and Lulz of the HackDayParis Hackathon on Connected TV

TV, quaint and asymetric communication medium, thou shaped the youth of many a hacker who attended the HackDayParis hackaton on Connected TV. Most of the hackers in attendance came from the web, so that would be about 50 peeps, with only two coming from TV as far as I noticed. This made for a very […]

Fed up with French Tax?  MOVE Guides can move you to London!

Fed up with French Tax? MOVE Guides can move you to London!

The following is an approved guest post by Brynne Herbert Mon dieu! Much to the chagrin of France’s business and start-up community, Francois Hollande announced his foreboding tax changes this fall, including a disturbingly high 75% tax rate on incomes above £800,000 per year and 62.2% capital gains tax rate.  The outcry of the business […]

Tigerlily expands from Facebook to Mobile

Tigerlily expands from Facebook to Mobile

Social. Local. Mobile. We’ve all heard it before – but have we really? With iOS6’s release, integration with Facebook and Passbook have made it easier than ever to provide an experience on each app that is SoLoMo. This past week, French startup Tigerlily, which specializes in custom Facebook integrations for brands, released a video detailing […]

Dublin Web Summit – Ups & Downs – a review

Last week I had the pleasure of spending 2 days in Dublin attending Paddy Cosgrave’s near overnight success of a conference, the Dublin Web Summit. The two-day conference brought together 4,000+ attendees, 250 exhibiting startups, and what I heard was an amazing set of speakers. France was well represented in the summit – founder Tariq […]

Cloud Management startup Scalr dips its toes in France

Scalr, a rapidly growing and profitable startup in the cloud management space, is looking to expand in France and elsewhere in Europe. As their founders and many of their employees are, in fact French or hail from other European countries, expanding outside the States is really more of a ‘coming home’ experience for them. Scalr […]

Storific shows off its Smart Ordering Companion in Dublin

Last week at Dublin Web Summit, there were plenty of French startups to see. Along with Allmyapps & Clever Cloud, Bordeaux-based Storific competed in DWS’ Spark of Genius startup competition, and made it as far as the semi-finals (top 16 out of 100 competing) before being knocked out by a iPhone-controlled vibrator and a Kickstarter […]

France is waging a losing Google Ad-war!

What’s scarier than a zombie apocalypse? Worse than Paris monsoons? Far more frightening than watching [REC]2 alone? Having Google inform your government ministries that they will “no longer reference [insert nation-state here] websites.” Pressure from French newspapers forced lawmakers to pass legislation restricting copyright infringement. Lawbreakers will face up to 300,000 euros in fines. To […]

SNJV shares Game Sector employment trends

Earlier this week, SNJV, France’s leading games association, announced the results of a detailed study on the employment environment in France’s games sector [FR].  The study was conducted in partnership with talent management firm Opcalia and builds on intial work by Capital Games.  Approximately 100 game studios / companies participated the study, which ran from September 2011 […]

Vente-privee announces discount iPhone apps to Members

Vente-Privee, the invite-only online retailer, focusing on special deals for members, announced an addition to its iPhone App, which will allow users to get “vente-privee” deals on hot iPhone apps. The Vente-privee iPhone app currently gives members access to all deals offered at the moment, and these deals will be the first deals offered exclusively on […]

Krisgard: Facebook MMORPG launching next week

Krisgard, by French startup, will be launching early next week on Facebook. It is a full MMORPG, based in the archipelago world of Krisgard, and it comes with all the elements of the genre. It includes avatar and inventory management, a quests system, player versus player fighting, and a whole lot of pets. Its […]