Azendoo adds Google Integration to take on Yammer


News is flying at Dublin Web Summit today – even if the Wi-Fi has been down most of the event. Yesterday, Bordeaux-based Azendoo announced Google Integration to their social task management solution, which raised $1.6M earlier this year, essentially, to take on Yammer. The product has been out in invite-only beta for the past few months, and according to CEO Gregory Lefort, the number of users is growing quickly.
The full spectrum of the Google Integration will allow users to sync their uploaded documents on Azendoo to their Google Drive account, and vice versa. In addition, users can now sign-in with their Google ID, making the service as seemless as ever to use.
The Rude Baguette has been using the service for the past week to get a feel for it, and, while there’s still a long way to go before it’s ready to take on major competitors like the Microsoft-often Yammer, it’s clear already that the infrastructure on which they’ve built the product has amazing potential. Users can “follow” projects to receive updates, instead of the traditional social model of following co-workers – after all, what’s more important, the project or your co-worker?
Users can have several “Workspaces” for different projects, as well as distinguishing between business & personal projects. The product pricing is on a freemium model, with payment kicking it if you go beyond 10 members in a given project. The payment model is based on a project level, so if you have 1 project with 50, and 50 projects with 5 people, you only pay for the 50-person project.
While Azendoo is already used by large companies in France, it has been designed with the goal of making task management for SMEs easy. The standard Robin Hood business model “big business finances the SMEs” seems to be working, as Lefort suggested that several more companies are looking at using Azendoo in the coming months.