Jolicloud comes full-circle, announces Start Page for your Cloud


As Dublin Web Summit continues to see French startups announce one after another new services, fundraising & more, Jolicloud founder Tariq Krim took the stage yesterday to announce the their cloud organize has re-launched, again. The Netvibes founder announced their new “Start Page for your Cloud,” admitting that the startup has taken a few twists and turns. They’ve pulled out the best of JoliCloud Me, Joli OS, and a little bit from Krim’s Netvibes days to create a place to store, manage, and access your collective data.
Similar to Jolicloud Me’s ability to sort photos, video & docs from various cloud services (dropbox, facebook, instagram, etc.), the new interface hopes to finally bring the cloud to you.

I sat down with Krim to talk about the Jolicloud journey, and while he admits they’ve “come full circle” on their original Jolicloud vision, Krim was still confident with the startup’s work so far: “How many people can say they’ve built and shipped a netbook OS on Amazon?” referring to Joli OS.
Referring to the startup’s journey so far, Krim stated that, coming out of Netvibes, he had so many projects that he had wanted to pursue, and now that they’ve seen what worked and didn’t work from each of them, it’s time to focus on what will make Jolicloud great. Krim also hinted that another round of funding may be coming down the new pipeline, backing the latest Jolicloud product.
Speaking with Krim, it felt like he was really looking at the long-term vision of what the Internet will look like in twenty years, and how users – really, everybody – will want to manage, access, and share the data they have created. Krim sees an inherant value in having the overview of your digital life, as people create less and less physical footprints throughout their life – I certainly agree, though my experience with Jolicloud was a lot less “must-have” than Netvibes’ start page. Krim said they will be working in the future to create an ecosystem around Jolicloud, with 3rd party apps being developed on the platform of gathered data – I think having that level of access to all your data will eventually prove valuable to users with the right presentation and value proposition: right now the question is whether Jolicloud will get to that point before the bank runs dry.