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Criteo teaming up with Yahoo! Japan for exclusive partnership

Criteo has announced that they will be partnering with Yahoo! Japan to deliver personalized display advertising across Yahoo! Japan’s news, entertainment and sports information sites.  After having shut off retargeters back in November last year, Yahoo! Japan apparently came to realize the value personalized display advertising can deliver and, consequently, made the decision to enter […]

Deezer Is Killing The Music Download

Deezer Is Killing The Music Download

We are no longer patrons of the arts-we are consumers of mixtapes and recycled beats that expire as soon as the next hit comes along. And we will not be dictated to in terms of our musical tastes because we can choose between 500 legitimate music services worldwide offering up to 20 million tracks. We have […]

Stupeflix – videos customized on the fly (includes a sneak preview of their iPhone app!)

Stupeflix – videos customized on the fly (includes a sneak preview of their iPhone app!)

Stupeflix is a team of young technical minds that took it upon themselves to build a really cool technology where you render videos on-the-fly in a server-hosted environment, from a template, where you can drop custom texts and images into. An example: Say Coca-Cola has  a video of a famous singer, you can upload an […]

Rude VC: Outsmarting the system vs. Cheating

Two distinct incidents in the sporting world stood out last month that caught my attention in their contrast on a similar theme. Undoubtedly the most prominent was the United States Anti Doping Agency’s (USADA) stripping of Lance Armstrong’s seven Tour de France championship titles. Quick recap: USADA alleged that Lance had used banned substances during […]

Consumer electronics market weakening across Europe, but some positive trends

Berlin’s mega consumer electronics show, IFA,  is still underway where companies such as Samsung (still reeling from its legal woes with Apple), Microsoft, Philips, Sony, Logitech, etc, are exhibiting all their exciting new gadgets to much fanfare.  However, it looks like the electronics sector is being acutely affected by the ongoing financial crisis as the […]

Textmaster – content creation and translation, the crowdsourced way

When I meet Benoit Laurent, CEO of TextMaster, he’s slightly out of breath and looking frantically at his watch. He explains to me that the reason he insisted on meeting at Gare de Lyon is that he and his wife live in Toulon (a 5 hour train ride away from Paris, on the Mediterranean coast) […]