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FailCon Paris is back again. #MustAttend

You’re gonna say “It’s too late, I’ve already bought my tickets months ago,” but I’m going to tell you anyway – You’ve got to be at Failcon Paris on September 25th. Just like a glass of Orange Juice is good in the morning, Failcon is good for entrepreneurs. We need medicine – a reminder that it’s […]

PR mistake 101: The unfindable patent of the Gamepad Android tablet

PR mistake 101: The unfindable patent of the Gamepad Android tablet

Archos suffers from a reputation as a somewhat unimaginative manufacturer, despite its strong growth. Their latest patent, filed in 2010, is about an electronic device (read: tablet) that can accommodate a removable accessory (read: 3G USB key), so nothing earth-shattering there. So it is great that Archos has now come out with a new product, […]

France will have a 4G Network for the iPhone 5

France will have a 4G Network for the iPhone 5

We don’t often cover Apple news on the Rude Baguette – we leave that to bloggers who have no more interesting topics to write about. When Apple announced the specs on its latest iPhone 5, all the headlines read like this one from Reuters “Apple’s iPhone 5 puts Europe in 4G Slow lane.” How come? […]

LePetitBallon's Wine Subscription Box raises 1st seed round

This morning, Frenchweb reported that Le Petit Ballon raised an undisclosed seed round from a group of business angels, including Marc Ménasé, president of Meninvest, and co-chair of France Digitale, the French startup/VC advocacy group. Le Petit Ballon’s service launched in January of this year and offers subscribers two bottles of wine for twenty euros per month. […]

French Newspaper "Liberation" may lose €700K after LVMH CEO Bashing

This is a reprint of the Rude Baguette’s Weekly Digest. You can receive the weekly digest & more by mail by subscribing on the right  The talk this week in French tech has been about Liberation, a French newspaper that I can now confirm has a socialist skew. Last week’s cover page (featured right) featured LVMH […]

Game Connection Europe 2012 announces reduced rates for French startups!

Game Connection has just announced that, for the first time, they will offer French startups reduced rate pricing for this year’s instalment of Game Connection Europe.  As noted by Pierre Carde, the founder of Game Connection, providing these special rates as well as other initiatives such as “Selected Projects“, reinforces Game Connection’s commitment to supporting France’s games sector more […]

evioo brings prescription glasses online [Interview]

Buying glasses has always been a pain in the ass for me. For years, I thought I had a “weird face” because one glasses shop clerk told me so after I tried on a dozen pairs of glasses. But while evioo might not help my face be less weird, they may help you skip your […]

Rude VC: Year of the Draghi

It appears that rumors of the death of the Euro have been greatly exaggerated, at least for now. This is thanks in large part to the efforts of the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi. Mr. Draghi seems to have made all the right moves so far. He successfully convinced Germany to accept the […]

Rejoignez Une Startup! 45 Funded French Startups offer 140 jobs 09/22

If you’ve just landed in France, or have just landed on this site, today is your lucky day: RejoignezUneStartup (“Join a Startup”) is the event not only for job seekers, but for entrepreneurs looking to see what’s going on in France. This no-bullshit job fair has brought together 45 startups, whom, from my first glance, are […]

Ventech breathes new air with new €75 Million fund

Just last Friday, Frenchweb[FR] reported that Ventech had closed 3/4 of its €100m fund, (i.e €75 Million). The news comes as a sigh of relief to the startup community, who had been waiting for over a year to see new life pumped into the French VC firm founded in 2008. Its previous investments include app-enabled device […]