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100 new App Cooker features for app developers

Earlier this year we introduced you to Hot Apps Factory’s App Cooker (aka the App-conceiving App), and took a particularly close look at what they had planned for their flagship product.  Hot Apps Factory have come a long way over the last several months towards their goal of making App Cooker even better and, as a result, […]

Capitaine Train raises €1.4M for European Train Ticketing

Capitaine Train raises €1.4M for European Train Ticketing

At the end of last week, JDN[FR] reported that Capitaine Train, an eCommerce startup which aggregates train ticket sales for all major European train lines, had raised €1.4M from Index Venture, Fotolia CEO Oleg Tscheltzoff, and other investors. The startup, founded by three engineers, looks to make buying train tickets easy. Purchasing tickets on sites like Voyages-SNCF, […]

Why France Needs to re-invent the Jobs Market

Why France Needs to re-invent the Jobs Market

Yesterday, while grabbing lunch I was nearly straddled by CIF protestors along Blvd Haussmann distributing pamphlets emblazoned with the cautionary words, “Tu te perds mon François- Repense à toutes ces années de service!” In the first week of September the CIF was greeted with the resignation of their CEO, a government bailout approved by the […]

Joliebox acquisition brings Birchbox to Europe

For those who missed the news last night – I first heard it from PandoDaily via twitter, so they get the credit – Paris-based Joliebox was acquired by their US counterpart Birchbox, which will allow Birchbox to double their brand relations and quadruple the number of markets they enter. You’ll notice my emphasis and tone, which comes from […]

LeWeb Paris theme is a great chance to showcase French startups

Fresh off of an ambiguous acquisition, the Le Meur’s are in the papers again, having announced the Le Web Paris theme “The Internet of Things.” The event, set to take place the 4th-6th of December, has long since been hailed as one of the top European events for global entrepreneurs & investors. Early bird tickets have […]

Game Paris 2012 coming up Nov 23-30

Game Connection Europe is coming to Paris November 28-30. This event in itself is a reason to drop by, with its 3 days of conferences and sessions with industry experts, as well as awards competition for game developers (here) and marketers (here). It is also part of Game Paris 2012 (FR), a fashion week for […]

Game Connection Europe 2012 announces first Marketing Awards competition

As mentioned previously, Game Connection will soon be holding its annual games industry conference of reference, Game Connection Europe (November 28-30, 2012  at Paris’ Porte de Versailles).  Rude Baguette is very excited to announce that we will be a media partner for this year’s conference!  Over the next several weeks we will be keeping you up-to-date on […]

Rude VC: Okay President Hollande, you’ve got our attention!

{The following is merely a tongue-in-cheek attempt at an imaginary letter I could write to President François Hollande. Its opinions are purely personal and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer or my industry.} Dear Mr. President, First off, thank you for opening my mail. If you’re reading this letter, you would be the […]

Andromede takes shape…le sigh

In a move that’s certain to frustrate France’s entrepreneurial ecosystem even more, Andromède’s structure is finally place.  Andromède has now morphed into two companies, also known as ‘National Champions’ (I guess this is the government’s attempt to create some competition?).  The first company is called Numergy which comprises SFR and Bull and the second called […]

With Seesmic acquired, Loic 100% focused on LeWeb

All of France is talking about Seesmic’s sale to Hootsuite for an undisclosed amount, announced on TechCrunch last week. Whatever the circumstance of the sale, the price, or the reason for the acquisition, the entire startup community seemed happy to see Seesmic see an exit. Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur has been working day & […]