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Find out if your startup is eligible for the LeWeb startup competition this year

An email from Loic & Geraldine arrived in my inbox this morning, announcing that the LeWeb Paris startup competition applications were officially open. In addition to the free ticket that comes with qualification for the startup competition, participation in LeWeb’s startup competition has traditionally offered a nice amount of exposure to investors & clients; winning, […]

OOGarden soon to be sprouting up across Europe

OOGarden soon to be sprouting up across Europe, leading online retailer in France of garden and home products, recently announced closing a 2 million round of funding with SOFIMAC Partners, bringing them to a total of 4.1 million [FR] in funding raised this year (earlier this year they raised 2,1 million from Aquasource).  These level of funds is nothing to sneeze at, particularly in […]

The release of the Official Rude Baguette iPhone App (beta)

The release of the Official Rude Baguette iPhone App (beta)

I’m pretty happy to announce on this fine Monday morning that the Rude Baguette iPhone App is finally available to download. The app is in extreme beta-mode: we had but two goals with this iPhone app: Build something that would get approved by the App Store Build something that brought a better mobile version of […]

9 Startups drop out from RejoignezUneStartup, 8 Replace them

Earlier in the week, I got a tip that there was some tension amongst the organizers of RejoignezUneStartup – namely, the founders VoitureLib and CapitaneTrain. An email went out to the participating startups, who had agreed to be a part of the event earlier on, saying that it was time to pay the dues for […]

Xavier Niel inspires hero in new book

With all the news about the iPhone5 coming out and no 4G in France (or not?), it seems all the more appropriate that Free Mobile founder Xavier Niel, who also invests his fair share in seed-stage startups via Kima Ventures, has become the source of inspiration for French writer Aurelien Bellanger for his latest book, La […]

Despite protest, iPhone 5 available in Paris

This morning, Apple stores across France opened as scheduled at 8AM to lines around the block. Here in Paris, about 30 former Apple employees stood outside the entrance to the Opera Apple store, one of two in the city, with signs and chants including “Apple, the unemployed are in the streets.” While representatives from the […]

1st Appsterdam meeting in Paris set for Sept 27th

If you want to make movies, go to Hollywood. If you want to make musicals, go to Broadway. If you want to make apps, go to Appsterdam. Mike Lee Mayor and founder of Appsterdam Founded to provide ‘app makers’ with the ‘best place in the world to settle down’, Appsterdam is on a mission to create […]

Techstars founder David Cohen visits Paris

Next week, the Paris startup scene will have the wonderful opportunity to welcome Techstars cofounder, serial entrepreneur, and startup geek David Cohen. The event will take place on September 27th, and tickets are currently free and open to the public. David will likely be talking to startups throughout the evening, so this is a great […]

Index Ventures is building an IPO market in London

I don’t want to take too much credit about this recent story, but I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the IPO market in Europe, most of which was spurred by Index Ventures talking about it at their Summer Party in Paris a few months back. While people are looking for the next […]

Curioos + Augment team up with an Augmented Reality art exhibition

Last week, during the Journee Patrimoine des Startups, an event organized by Cup of Teach during which several startups – social payments’, wine subscription service Le Petit Ballon, Uber, and more –  I chose to attend my nearest startup’s open-door event, which happened to be independent digital art eCommerce startup Curioos. The startup, which […]