The release of the Official Rude Baguette iPhone App (beta)


I’m pretty happy to announce on this fine Monday morning that the Rude Baguette iPhone App is finally available to download. The app is in extreme beta-mode: we had but two goals with this iPhone app:

  1. Build something that would get approved by the App Store
  2. Build something that brought a better mobile version of the blog to users

I’m pleased to say that the we accomplished both goals – the latter before the former, as usually happens. The app was developed by Paris startuper and mobile developer Thibaut Le Levier after he saw how awful our native mobile browser is. We sat down together and set out a few goals for the app:

  1. Users should receive new articles the second they come out, with an optional notification for users who like to stay up to date
  2. Users need to be able to share & comment on all articles
  3. Users should be able to favorite articles and scroll through unread articles

We had about a million other things we wanted to do, including integration of an events calendar – but for now, we’re just going to let users try it out, and tell us what they want