1st Appsterdam meeting in Paris set for Sept 27th


If you want to make movies, go to Hollywood.
If you want to make musicals, go to Broadway.
If you want to make apps, go to Appsterdam.

Mike Lee Mayor and founder of Appsterdam

Founded to provide ‘app makers’ with the ‘best place in the world to settle down’, Appsterdam is on a mission to create a community that brings together and supports the interests of app makers of all stripes around the world.  Although Appsterdam does want to provide app makers with the tools to succeed professionally, such as ‘hangouts’, training, and opportunities for networking and collaboration, Appsterdam was really born out of a broader, social mission.  As he explained to Venture Beat in an interview last year, Mike Lee one of his first objectives when creating Appsterdam was to he first sought to create an alternative for app makers to Silicon Valley.  More specifically, he wanted to create a strong, supportive ecosystem for app makers in a liveable and, perhaps, more modest environment.  Amsterdam, obviously, became the embodiment of this aspiration and is still very much the ‘homeland’ for Appsterdam.  Mike’s next big goal for Appsterdam is for it evolve into a true democratic community, which he hopes to fully achieve with the launch of Appsterdam 3.  So, the ultimate goal is not that Appsterdam will be a command-and-control type organisation, but one that lives by the energy and drive of its members.

Appsterdam Paris Embassy meetup – Sept 27th

Appsterdam has been growing and expanding steadily since its founding and can now boast of having over 1600 Appsterdamers and 7 ‘Embassies’ around the world.  Obviously events, including meetups, workshops and various meetings, are a key part of the value that they bring app makers.  Now these activities are starting to expand beyond Amsterdam and out to their Embassies.  Their first meeting in Paris is coming up next Thursday, 27 September, starting at 19h30 at the “Dernier Bar.  If you’re an ‘app maker’ that is looking for a place to settle down, make sure to be there next Thursday.