General Data Protection Regulations: Effects on EU businesses

On May 3, Dublin hosted the Data Sec 2017 conference against the backdrop of the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR). The conference highlighted concerns that Irish businesses won’t be prepared prior to the transition. After all, the GDPR does not merely require organisations to avoid doing harm to individuals in terms of the personal […]

Citymapper calls out RATP for blocking real-time data; agency says system needs upgrade (Updated)

Citymapper calls out RATP for blocking real-time data; agency says system needs upgrade (Updated)

This story was updated with comments throughout from RATP at 19h20 CET.  Citymapper has launched an online petition drive to rally users to its side as it finds itself fighting a decision by Paris’ public transportation agency over access to real-time bus data. [UPDATE] A spokesmen for Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens said in an interview […]

From Paris to San Francisco: Tribe the experiential messaging app hits 200K users

From Paris to San Francisco: Tribe the experiential messaging app hits 200K users

If you think you’ve got your messaging app needs covered, try a “walkie talkie for videos” on for size. Tribe is an alternative to text messaging and live video chat – users can chat via 15-second ephemeral video messages that can be picked up at their convenience, and disappear after viewing. Messages can be sent […]

New Realities in AI

Stepping out into a world that is more and more connected, we sometimes come to a crossroad and wonder if our lives are being improved by this technological advancement. We have debated, and continue to debate if modern medicine technologies are leading to the bionic man or just allowing for an extended and more fulfilled […]

How 3 Business Leaders Changed the Way I Think About Employees in My Business

The following is a guest post from Jason McDonald, Director of StringCan Interactive Paris, StringCan Interactive is a digital strategy and business consulting agency that helps European startups gain access to the US market, with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Paris. You can follow StringCan on twitter at @StringCanEU. Late last year I had 8 mentorship […]

Axelle Lemaire ’s projet de loi clears the way for open government

On November 18th, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire invited the representants of the independent administrative authorities as well as the general data administrator at the digital innovation center NUMA in Paris to draw general conclusions around the online consultation of the Projet de Loi pour une République numérique. The discussion on the […]

What's holding back the IoT revolution?

The following is a guest post by Julie Robles, founder of Raw Motion and ex-Techstars associate. This piece was inspired by a collaboration with Teskalabs, a security for mobile and IoT company. Every week there is a new connected device on the market (a few days ago Tag Heuer launched its smartwatch with Google, and last week I […]

Web Summit 2015: 10 things you need to know!

The Web Summit, also called “the Davos of geeks” (Bloomberg) welcomed 42000 people from 134 countries, 2141 startups, 1000 investors, 1231 journalists, almost 200,000 tweets and of course, a dozen sheep! 1)  2015 changes, learning from 5 years Web Summit 650+ meetings during mentor hours for investors to advise startups on their challenges Startup University: […]

Europe’s position on data protection: The story of a huge gap between ideal and reality

It is not always easy to see a clear line in the difficult relationship Europe maintains with its core values and data protection policies. The current development aims to point out contradictions on the European fight for increased data protection and to give a sense of responsibility to our governments when it comes to protecting […]

Right to be forgotten: CNIL and Google’s arm wrestling match is only the symptom of a deeper disease

We often say, « the truth lies somewhere in between ». That’s exactly what applies to the arguments put forward in the battle the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), a French independent authority in charge of data regulation, is fighting with Google for the implementation of the « right to be forgotten ». The […]