Twitter to cooperate with French Government concerning anti-Semitic tweets

Twitter announced last Friday that it will cooperate with the demands of the French Government, namely to hand over data concerning individuals and twitter accounts that tweeted #unbonjuif (“a good jew”) and #unjuifmort (“a dead jew”) back in October 2012. This comes have a 6 month process in which Twitter was pushed to make direct […]

Android dominating mobile sales across Europe

Android dominating mobile sales across Europe

In stark contrast to the US where iOS is still holding its own, Android is largely pulling away in the mobile market share race in Europe. According to recent numbers released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, during March – May of this year, Android captured an average of 70% of mobile phone sales in across 5 […]

EU leaders livid about reports that Prism appears to have also snared Europe

EU leaders livid about reports that Prism appears to have also snared Europe

In the wake of new Prism revelations appearing in Der Spiegel, European parliament president Martin Schulz has formally demanded that the US clarify whether they, in fact, spied on their European allies. Der Spiegel has reportedly viewed documents provided by Snowden which allegedly show how, starting in September 2010, the US spied on EU offices […]

European Commission to lower roaming charges across Europe by up to 36% as of July 1st

Neelie Kroes announced today that a new price cap on roaming charges, which will take effect July 1st, will cut roaming by 36% across Europe, with countries like Croatia seeing as much as a 93% reduction (15 times cheaper). This comes as part of a greater effort by Neelie and the European Commission to make data and […]

Orange bets big on NFC, but will it pay off?

“Name one other technology that took 10 years to take off?” One skeptical colleague said to me over dinner when I told them I had just come from Orange’s NFC Awards which took place yesterday. The Awards ceremony concluded a six-month competition which saw 212 NFC projects submitted, of which the top 20 were invited […]

With 700M emails analyzed, WriteThat.Name exposes the “Anatomy of an Email Signature”

WriteThatName has released an infographic based on the half a billion emails they have analyzed with their smart contact organizer in the two years since they’ve launched. The infographic examines the “Anatomy of an Email Signature,” including the most common details included in an Email Signature and the best practices for labelling an email signature […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Mobile penetration is 108% in France, and 15% of the country owns a Tablet

I am often asked by other journalists, entrepreneurs, and investors why I cover the French tech market. In an effort to avoid the disappointingly obvious “it’s because I live here” answer, I have always said that it is because France is a country of people with a higher than average level of education and a […]

Anonymous targets the Belgium Government with accusations of government censorship

As if the Belgian government didn’t have enough people against its very existence, yesterday a site claiming to be linked to Anonymous, sent out a mass email declaring cyber war on the Belgian government. Claiming that the government is “actively blocking internet sites on the web, without even a trace of transparency,” Anonymous says that, […]

Is Bouygues automatically signing you up to a 20€/month service?

Reports are coming in on internet forums that Bouygues subscribers are receiving confirmation emails for a service called CellPass, which offers “each week 5 downloadable products to choose from among 50,000 ringtones, images, videos & applications.” The service, which costs an appalling 5€ per week, is even more appalling when you take into account the fact that users receiving […]

After Yahoo’s questionable acquisition of Summly, Seedcamp’s tl;dr says curation trumps algorithms

In recent weeks, the media is having a field day with Marissa Mayer’s most recent acquisition of the 6-person Summly team out of the UK. With a teenage cofounder, it looked initially like Yahoo had acquired a great new technology, or perhaps a stellar team. But as word comes out that only 3 of the […]