Logmatic.io raises $1m, marking the first investment for ISAI's Seed Club

Last month, ISAI not only announced the closing of their ISAI Venture II fund, but also announced that they were taking their first foray into seed-stage investing through their newly created ‘Seed Club‘. Via Seed Club, ISAI plans to co-invest with angels who are already investors in their principal fund(s) in 5-6 seed stage startups per year. The first […]

Privacy Advocate Tristan Nitot on France's surveillance law "This law is a major step towards a police state"

Privacy Advocate Tristan Nitot on France's surveillance law "This law is a major step towards a police state"

With all the data that the IoT and Connected Hardware revolution will generate, securing these devices as well as all the information they utilize and generate is increasingly becoming a concern.  Add to that the increasing level of electronic / internet surveillance by governments around the world, ensuring the protection of our devices and data poses a formidable […]

Evercontact raises $1 million from AXA to boost its international presence

Evercontact raises $1 million from AXA to boost its international presence

AXA Strategic Ventures which launched earlier this year has opted to make one of its first investments in Evercontact, a cloud-based service which extracts contact information in emails and shares and updates them automatically. Evercontact’s fully automated service resolves the challenge of keeping a comprehensive and update to date contact list. To do this, Evercontact scans […]

Jahia: At the forefront of Enterprise digital transformation

One of our official sponsors our March 28th edition of the Paris Startup Job Fair is clearly one of Europe’s prophetic tech successes. Jahia has steadily growing over the last 12 years to emerge as a leader in the increasingly important user experience platform space. One could describe them as prophetic as 12 years ago they […]

Digital surpasses written press to become #2 advertising channel in France

The dominance of online advertising has been predicted for some time, but it looks like it’s finally reaching it’s coming of age in France. For the first time ever, advertising via digital media has overtake the press to become the #2 advertising channel in France, as found in a recent study by PwC. According to the study, Internet […]

be2bill's and Converteo's 2015 Barometer highlights top online payment trends in France

Fast growing payment solution be2bill launched their 2015 online payments barometer last week in conjunction with digital strategy consulting firm Converteo (part of ADLP Digital).  The barometer looked at 174 e-commerce sites in France across 5 sectors:  entertainment/culture/high-tech, tourism and travel, fashion (clothing and accessories), home decoration, and services. Here were the big takeaways: 1) The number […]

My five takeaways from LeWeb Conference

My five takeaways from LeWeb Conference 2014: The sharing economy is already impressive, and we ain’t seen nothing yet. Bitcoin has fallen out of favor, for now, and hence is probably a good contrarian play. Japan tech is the ultimate contrarian play. Expect the unexpected when a French politician takes the stage. Meditation is the […]

3DSecure failures cause big holiday headache for many French e-merchants

P The holiday season is often both a fruitful and trying time for many e-merchants trying to manage and fulfill the increasing number of online transaction.  However, this season is likely to go down as an even more of a challenging one for many French e-merchants due to the repeated system failures of 3DSecure, a […]

Qucit launches world’s first bikeshare predictive API

Bordeaux-based big data startup Qucit released this month the world’s first bikeshare predictive API. It is tightly integrated in iPhone and Android app La Bonne Station (the new iPhone version was released yesterday). The app uses the API to power a visualization of predicted bike availability over 12 hours in the future, at any given […]

Luc Julia introduces SAMI, the architecture that lets you play with existing and future data.

  [LIVEBLOG] The Connected Conference, the first international conference dedicated to the Internet of Things, welcomes Luc Julia – VP of Innovation at the Samsung Innovation Center – today in Paris to talk about the launch of SAMI – Samsug Architecture Multimodal Interactions. After his work on Siri, M. Julia has now been implementing Samsung […]