San Francisco Mayor comes to Paris to strengthen ties between the two Digital Ecosystems

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee came to Paris this past week and met with Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë to exchange ideas with innovators and develop stronger ties around the Smart City theme. His trip, cataloged extensively on Twitter, included meeting with representatives from La Gaîté Lyrique, Autolib, and, ultimately, Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë. The visit comes just a few months after […]

French President François Hollande announces ambitious plans for the Digital Economy

French President François Hollande announces ambitious plans for the Digital Economy

Speaking yesterday in Clermont-Ferrand, President Hollande sought to infuse a little optimism in what has otherwise been a disappointing week for both his administration and France.  After conceding his initial 2013 growth projections were in essence a pipe dream, President Hollande chose to pivot to a more positive topic…Namely, laying out his vision on how […]

Twitter promises Promoted Tweets and Trends to combat hate speech in France

Twitter promises Promoted Tweets and Trends to combat hate speech in France

At the end of last week, representatives from Twitter sat down with the French Government and some of the anti-hate speech associations in France to discuss how Twitter could enable these associations to have priority access to alerting Twitter of any hate speech, which is illegal in France. The overall theme behind these proceedings is […]

JCDecaux bringing real Open Data for Paris bike riders

Paris, like many other French cities, has a network of bicycle stations called Velib, where people with (very cheap) subscriptions can take a bike for free for as long as a half-hour. However, up until now, the data of what stations are full of available bikes, and which have space to put one back, was […]

Yahoo! partners with PagesJaunes, the French Yellow Pages, to bring more local business info to search

It seems that Yahoo is looking to make a push in the French market – the popular search engine will not feature local business info in relevant results in France, pulled in from PagesJaunes. The French business directory already receives 100 million visits per year from a similar partnership with Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. Originally […]

Will Twitter give into the French government’s request for hate speech account info?

Yesterday the French court ruled that Twitter has two weeks to put in place a system by which the French government can easily track and identify users who post hate speech, specifically antisemitic and racist speech. This announcement comes after twitter trends like #SiMonFilsEstGay (“If My son is Gay”) and #UnBonJuif (“A good jew”) were trending in France, […]

Not content with abusing users, now Free is holding its employees hostage as well

After Bouygues made a formal request to convert its 1800MHz 2G network into 4G in order to have a iPhone 5 compatible 4G network (the only one), a relatively quick and inexpensive process, Bouygues has been patiently awaiting the TelCo regulatory committee (ARCEP)’s response, which was expected to come in the beginning of 2013. In […]

WriteThatName now updates your Outlook address book so you don’t have to.

WriteThatName announced today that their automatic contact-updating service is now available on Outlook for enterprise and individual users. Launched in June 2011, WriteThatName has been quietly keeping my contacts up to date for years, and they’ve scanned more than 600 Million emails since then. Outlook is just the latest of address books and CRMs that […]

Why Facebook game Criminal Case is seeing explosive organic growth

Pretty Simple Games is a 40 persons social games company here in Paris, who’s just published Criminal Case, a hidden object game on Facebook. Another one, right? So why should you care? Here’s exhibit A : This is a hockey stick kind of growth – basically the dream of any company launching a scalable web […]

Facebook called to answer for its crimes in France

In the wake of Facegate, Facebook France has been called to answer to the data watchdog CNIL “The national commission for the liberty of data.” The demand was made by ministers Arnaud Montebourg & Fleur Pellerin, in charge of industrial renewal and the digital economy, respectively. Facebook is being asked to address claims that private […]