RudeVC: Don’t shoot the messenger (App)

In continuity of last week’s piece on the arrival the Japanese mobile game models to Europe, I thought it appropriate to discuss another tech trend in Asia which makes me enthusiastic for potential investment opportunities, even here on the old continent: the next-generation of mobile messaging apps. Most Europeans are familiar with WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, […]

Europe as divided as ever over NSA allegations & Data Privacy laws

Europe as divided as ever over NSA allegations & Data Privacy laws

Sparked by the NSA documents released by Edward Snowden earlier this year, Europe’s most recent confrontation with US technology companies & data privacy has reached its peak in the most recent weeks. Allegations quickly turned to accusations when Angela Merkel pointed fingers at the United States’ National Security Agency, claiming that her phone had been […]

What every CEO needs to know about data privacy in France

What every CEO needs to know about data privacy in France

The following is a guest post by Sonia Hadjadj, a French business lawyer who works with expatriates women entrepreneurs and businesses owner. You can connect with her by email [email protected] & twitter @sonia_hdj Last month, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (the CNIL), the French data protection public agency, opened a procedure to impose sanctions to […]

Twitter’s Transparency Report lacks one key ingredient: context.

This week, Twitter released its Transparency Report for the first half of 2013, revealing which countries have made take-down and data requests between January and June of this year. The social network first started releasing these figures in 2012, though there were only 48 requests in total to remove tweets or users. In 2012, we […]

And so the cards start stacking up against the Publicis-Omnicom merger

This weekend saw one of the most exciting pieces of news coming straight out of Paris & New York, namely the leak on Saturday and subsequent announcement on Sunday that Publicis & Omnicom, respectively the 3rd and 2nd largest ad agencies, would be filing for a 50-50 merger of the two companies; however before the […]

Iubenda launches its privacy policy service in French, offers 50% discount for 48 hours

For those who own or manage an online store, a mobile app or a Facebook application, privacy policy means a lot of tedious work and a constant stress to keep it up to date with local rules on the matter. Iubenda is a privacy policy generator, and as such, it makes the process very much […]

Twitter to cooperate with French Government concerning anti-Semitic tweets

Twitter announced last Friday that it will cooperate with the demands of the French Government, namely to hand over data concerning individuals and twitter accounts that tweeted #unbonjuif (“a good jew”) and #unjuifmort (“a dead jew”) back in October 2012. This comes have a 6 month process in which Twitter was pushed to make direct […]

Android dominating mobile sales across Europe

In stark contrast to the US where iOS is still holding its own, Android is largely pulling away in the mobile market share race in Europe. According to recent numbers released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, during March – May of this year, Android captured an average of 70% of mobile phone sales in across 5 […]

EU leaders livid about reports that Prism appears to have also snared Europe

In the wake of new Prism revelations appearing in Der Spiegel, European parliament president Martin Schulz has formally demanded that the US clarify whether they, in fact, spied on their European allies. Der Spiegel has reportedly viewed documents provided by Snowden which allegedly show how, starting in September 2010, the US spied on EU offices […]

European Commission to lower roaming charges across Europe by up to 36% as of July 1st

Neelie Kroes announced today that a new price cap on roaming charges, which will take effect July 1st, will cut roaming by 36% across Europe, with countries like Croatia seeing as much as a 93% reduction (15 times cheaper). This comes as part of a greater effort by Neelie and the European Commission to make data and […]