Criteo announces a mobile ad offer that spans the iOS, Android & the mobile web

Apr 30, 2014
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Criteo has released a mobile offer that allows them to track advertisements across the mobile web (Safari, Chrome, etc.) as well as across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the company announced this week. Criteo says it already generations more than $1 Billion in revenue for clients (on an annual run-rate) via its mobile offer, which lines up closely with IBM’s recent report that shows 43% annual growth in mobile-based sales online.

The announcement saw the company’s stock shoot up 10% yesterday, having dropped below the IPO price for the first time since October earlier this month.

With its mobile offer now fully up and running – the company prematurely announced their offer last December in what appeared to be a response to a slew of mobile adtech announcements from Sociomantic (since acquired by Tesco), Ad4Screen & Appsfire.

For those following Criteo’s growth, it is clear that their vision of re-targeting goes beyond mobile & web – their acquisition of Paris-based startup Tedemis & subsequently AdQuantic suggested heavily that the company hopes to improve ad performance  across all medium, including Email & Search.