SimpliField raises €350 000 with Kima Ventures to help companies optimizing their field-data collection and analysis.

Mar 12, 2014
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SimpliField, the French startup offering a solution to manage field-teams reports, just achieved a round of funding of €350 000, led by Kima Ventures, with the participation of several business angels such as Jacques Antoine Granjon. According to SimpliField’s CEO, “KIMA already invested in startups with the same business model knowing exactly what path we should take to grow and make SimpliField a success.”

SimpliField enables companies relying a lot on their field team (merchandisers, sales representatives, store managers …) to optimize how they create and analyze field reports. The startup was co-founded by Benjamin Zenou, CEO, handling sales and marketing, Georges Plancke, CTO, handling mobile and web development and Jonathan Attal, COO, in charge of product management and finance. Benjamin Zenou tells us where he got the idea from:

“In my previous job, I had to gather and analyze field information for a very specific project on local services. I couldn’t find any solution helping to quickly and easily create and analyze field reports.”

Their main focus-clienteles are pharmacy and insurance networks, as well as telco companies. The ROI for their clients is mainly a productivity boost: each field employee saves 30 minutes per day on average, regional managers and HQ teams also save hours on aggregating reports.

Thanks to their round, the startup is growing perspectives: they just recruited two developers and a marketing project manager and are now focusing on product development (CRM integration, mobile platform) and in the coming months, on international development.