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Pulled from Apple’s App Store, does AppGratis have a future?

You’d think with $13.5 Million in the bank, everything was going the way AppGratis wanted it to. The App recommendation company announced 10 Million users back in February just weeks after a massive fundraising with Iris Capital; however, news was buzzing this week after Pocketgamer announced that Apple had pulled AppGratis from the App Store. […]

Les Trois Elles – the Education App featured in Apple’s latest iPad ad campaign

Les Trois Elles – the Education App featured in Apple’s latest iPad ad campaign

If you’re travelling in the metro in Paris in the next few months, you may pass Apple’s latest iPad Campaign, which features Educational App producer Les Trois Elles. The French startup, which produces apps based on the Montessori educational style for English, Math, and other primary school subjects, has had quite a success both in […]

Paris Apple store robbed on NYE by 4 armed individuals

Paris Apple store robbed on NYE by 4 armed individuals

Waking up after a long evening, it seems no one had a better New Year’s Eve party than the four masked individuals who broke into the Apple Store at Opéra last night around 9:00PM. Having subdued a security guard, the four men spent forty minutes loading the entire store stock – estimated to be worth […]

Battle of the Bands: iTunes knocks FNAC out!

The French retailer of digital music, FNAC, will now use Apple’s storefront, iTunes. After 8 years of plans to compete in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, FNAC will finally close its doors ‘online.’ FNAC will bring in the new year on January 1, 2013 transferring all it users’ credits to iTunes accounts under a terms […]

Google TV adds Music & Movies in Europe on Nexus 4 launch date

Google has just announced late last week the launch of streaming TV and movies on their Google TV product in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Google, like Apple and Microsoft, has its eyes set on the ‘other screen’, as the TV is called these days, since people spend more time on their computers and phones than […]

Tech brands increasingly Dominate Life in France

Technology continues to rapidly transform the daily lives of people around the world and perhaps even more so in France.  Each year Havas Media, in conjunction with CSA, does a study to assess what the top 20 most prominent brands in the lives of the French [FR].  Their study is extremely comprehensive, covering almost 4k consumers […]

3 Changes in France the #geonpi Have Not Prevented (yet)

French tech news has been pretty shook up this past week with readers and journalists trying to keep up to date with the ever changing announcements of how the new tax laws will affect entrepreneurs and investors – the globally known Pigeon movement has achieved a lot of amazing things in such a short time, […]

Vive GoogleTV in France!

As promised by Sony Chief, Philippe Citroën, GoogleTV is now available in France. While it is not a nationally recognized jour férié, Google TV wants to invade your home and offer a novel entertainment experience. Via ethernet cable or WIFI, your mundane TV can access the internet on the default web browser, Chrome. The following […]

Xavier Niel inspires hero in new book

With all the news about the iPhone5 coming out and no 4G in France (or not?), it seems all the more appropriate that Free Mobile founder Xavier Niel, who also invests his fair share in seed-stage startups via Kima Ventures, has become the source of inspiration for French writer Aurelien Bellanger for his latest book, La […]

France will have a 4G Network for the iPhone 5

We don’t often cover Apple news on the Rude Baguette – we leave that to bloggers who have no more interesting topics to write about. When Apple announced the specs on its latest iPhone 5, all the headlines read like this one from Reuters “Apple’s iPhone 5 puts Europe in 4G Slow lane.” How come? […]