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Five reasons why the Vogue Paris iPad app sucks

Let me start by saying that I enjoy reading on my iPad. I also like Vogue magazine for their great content and awesome fashion editorials, to my mind better than Vogue Us ones. From this point of view Emmanuelle Alt and her team are doing a great job! Where Vogue Paris is not doing such […]

Android dominating mobile sales across Europe

Android dominating mobile sales across Europe

In stark contrast to the US where iOS is still holding its own, Android is largely pulling away in the mobile market share race in Europe. According to recent numbers released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, during March – May of this year, Android captured an average of 70% of mobile phone sales in across 5 […]

Steve Jobs called it: France claims Amazon is killing bookstores with loss-leader prices

Steve Jobs called it: France claims Amazon is killing bookstores with loss-leader prices

During a conference of bookstore owners in Bordeaux this week, Aurelie Filippetti, France’s Minister of Culture, renewed her fight against Amazon, who she says has killed the market by lowering prices and by introducing free shipping. As reported in LeMonde, Amazon has taken advantage of one French law which allows books to be discounted at […]

Meanwhile in France: Apple to pay 5 Million € in unpaid taxes on 2011 iPads sales

Apple’s been in the spotlight quite a lot recently, and it seems that the company with $137 Billion as of January 2013 just can’t get a break. The French association SACEM, which controls royalties paid out to authors, announced this week that Apple failed to pay 5 Million euros in royalties taxes on iPads sold […]

Rude VC: Governments’ bite of the Apple

There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth recently about Apple’s alleged dodging of paying taxes on tens of billions of profits from 2009~2012. Incidentally, that’s merely what the U.S. government deems it forfeited. Apple of course pays a paltry tax bill in France, despite the fact the France remains the world’s third best […]

Apple, Google, Amazon & Netflix in France’s radar with new smartphone/tablet tax

François Hollande will receive a report today resulting from nine months of studying how the digital economy can contribute to cultural funding in France. This report will detail a plan to add a tax on smartphones and tablets, a tax which will go to pay for art & culture in France -whether it be keeping […]

Rude VC: Losing Our Religion

Your Rude VC returns following a week off the grid with family. Part of my travels took me through New York, during which I indulged on two of my favorite weaknesses: authentic New York bagels, and pastrami on rye from a Brooklyn deli. Of course, nowadays I don’t have to travel all the way to […]

3 Things Fleur Pellerin could be doing instead of fighting AppGratis’ battles for them

We wrote this week about AppGratis being pulled from the Apple App Store unexpectedly last weekend. CEO Simon Dawlat later came out and said that he was utterly confused as to why Apple would do this, and that there was zero communication around the subject. If you’d like to catch up on the other side […]

With AppGratis on the chopping block, Ouriel Ohayon explains why Appsfire isn’t going anywhere

It’s been a rough week for App Discovery apps everywhere – perhaps no more so than AppGratis, whose founder got off a 12 hour plane last weekend to find that his app, which has 12 million users, had been pulled from the Apple App Store. While other App Recommendation apps are quick to say “oh, […]

AppGratis says Apple approved their iPad app one day before pulling their iPhone App

Earlier this week we reported on the news that AppGratis’ app was unexpectedly removed from the Apple App Store during the weekend, due to infringing on a few of Apple’s quite generic rules regarding applications pushing notifications that are paid by advertisers, as well as apps that are similar to the app store. AppGratis was first […]