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3 Changes in France the #geonpi Have Not Prevented (yet)

French tech news has been pretty shook up this past week with readers and journalists trying to keep up to date with the ever changing announcements of how the new tax laws will affect entrepreneurs and investors – the globally known Pigeon movement has achieved a lot of amazing things in such a short time, […]

Vive GoogleTV in France!

Vive GoogleTV in France!

As promised by Sony Chief, Philippe Citroën, GoogleTV is now available in France. While it is not a nationally recognized jour férié, Google TV wants to invade your home and offer a novel entertainment experience. Via ethernet cable or WIFI, your mundane TV can access the internet on the default web browser, Chrome. The following […]

Xavier Niel inspires hero in new book

Xavier Niel inspires hero in new book

With all the news about the iPhone5 coming out and no 4G in France (or not?), it seems all the more appropriate that Free Mobile founder Xavier Niel, who also invests his fair share in seed-stage startups via Kima Ventures, has become the source of inspiration for French writer Aurelien Bellanger for his latest book, La […]

France will have a 4G Network for the iPhone 5

We don’t often cover Apple news on the Rude Baguette – we leave that to bloggers who have no more interesting topics to write about. When Apple announced the specs on its latest iPhone 5, all the headlines read like this one from Reuters “Apple’s iPhone 5 puts Europe in 4G Slow lane.” How come? […]

Rude VC: Summertime reading for Entrepreneurs on Holidays

Today, the last day of July, represents a crossroads of vacation periods. Northern Europeans are largely finished with their summer holidays, while the Dutch and Belgians are just winding theirs down. Italy is preparing to shut down for the next month. And here in France, we’re still ramping up too. In the vacation spirit, here’s […]

For or Against: The CopyCat Debate

Copycats kill European innovation “Copycats kill European innovation”: those were the words that Loic Le Meur (@loic) put up in front of an audience of French entrepreneurs who came together at the TechCrunch France Remix event in November 2010 to hear about success stories and for networking with other Internet entrepreneurs. Loic is very well […]

Interview with Hypeed's Nicolas Metzke: sometimes an exit is just an exit

From Apple to to, Nicolas Metzke has certainly seen his fair share of the startup world. Having recently sold his startup, I wanted to take the chance to talk about his experiences, his lessons learned, and to catch a quick preview of what we can expect in the future. While most startupers think […]

If Siri is Hacked in a French Forest, Does Anybody Care?

Two weeks ago, Paris-based research firm, Applidium — part of the esteemed FaberNovel group — surprised everybody by announcing that they had hacked Siri, the iPhone 4S’s voice-recognition personal assistant.  On November 14, they posted a lengthy blog post, in French and English, detailing (and I mean detailing) the efforts that went behind the reverse […]

What's wrong with being a copycat?

It's funny almost to the point of hilarity. We applaud numerous copycat companies around the globe (Yandex anyone?) but are quick to criticize when it comes to Europe.