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France fines Apple €25m, for slowing performance on older iPhones

French regulators have issued a €25 million fine against Apple, for slowing the performance of older iPhone without notifying users—the result of a probe that began in 2018, according to Tech Crunch.  Apple will also be required to display a notice on its website for a month, informing users that regulators had found it had carried […]

Beyond Britain, Huawei makes inroads across Europe

Beyond Britain, Huawei makes inroads across Europe

After months of heated debate, Theresa May and her ministers have finally made a decision on how much of Britain’s new 5G network they are willing to entrust to Chinese multinational Huawei. In response to warnings from officials like defence minister Gavin Williamson, May’s National Security Council decided Huawei could participate in “non-core” aspects of […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Mobile Technology

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Mobile Technology

In today’s smartphone market, competing technologies are under substantial pressure to establish a lasting innovation advantage which will make their phone ‘smarter’ than rivals’. It’s not easy to stand out. Whatever ardent Android and iPhone platform users say, most phones in the same price segment come equipped with much the same hardware and software which […]

Did Apple just hobble Criteo's achilles heel ?

Apple caused some reverberations last week among ad-tech companies when it revealed that iOS 9 will permit “Content Blocking Safari Extensions”. In other words, the next release of iOS will allow users to install ad-blockers on its mobile browser, according to the documentation provided to developers at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Criteo’s stock plunged more […]

Codiki looks to bring true measurability and performance to the world of offline marketing

Two of the biggest challenges in marketing have long been tracking and measurability. While the advent of online marketing has gone a long way in helping to address these challenges, offline marketing such as direct mailings or handouts of paper flyers, remain largely immeasurable for many marketers. A rising player in the performance marketing space […]

Why are Apple ads in France advising against the iPhone 5C?

I’ve spent the week in Paris for LeWeb.  One of the highlights of the trip has been riding in the Paris Metro, a highly visible symbol of what the French do best: combining world-class engineering with artistic beauty.  Adverting is omnipresent in the Paris Metro (it’s no surprise that adtech is a growing part of […]

Where do you buy while mobile? Another £2.5M for the mobile ecommerce platform

  Shopcade is the go-to ecommerce platform that serves over 16.000 retailers and 150.000 brands. Using big data to fuel their discovery engine Shopcade is able to predict demand even before Amazon – a remarkable feat in itself. With Fancy-like features like wanting a product and tagging items to express different emotions towards products Shopcade […]

Payleven’s Square-like payments terminal arrives in France, available in Apple stores for 49€

Update: we have received an update about this article from Payleven, stating that, despite announcing in their press release that Payleven is launching in France, the product in fact will not be available in the Apple Store until at least next April. In addition, the product will not be sold on the Apple store for […]

Vivendi’s SFR spinoff & company restructure announcement fails to inspire shareholders.

In the past weeks the European Telco industry hasn’t been short of big news. After Vodafone Group Plc. agreed to sell its U.S. wireless business, and Microsoft Corp acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division, the long-expected overhaul of Vivendi’s structure has taken a further step towards a more competitive group. Vivendi will divest in SFR […] combines social, storage, and messaging into one mobile app presents itself as a holistic app with a global approach on messaging and a wide view of its horizons. The team has aimed high by a massive launch in 155 countries in 32 languages, investing Android, OS and HTML and having raised money from Khosla Ventures, Google Ventures, CrunchFund, SV Angel among others. Ninety […]