Where do you buy while mobile? Another £2.5M for the mobile ecommerce platform

Where do you buy while mobile? Another £2.5M for the mobile ecommerce platform



Shopcade is the go-to ecommerce platform that serves over 16.000 retailers and 150.000 brands. Using big data to fuel their discovery engine Shopcade is able to predict demand even before Amazon – a remarkable feat in itself. With Fancy-like features like wanting a product and tagging items to express different emotions towards products Shopcade can further learn about what consumers want and how they feel towards different categories, in a timely fashion. Its Shopcade’s focus on mobile presence that gives them an edge to learn more about users with more information being tracked while on the go.

The ecommerce platform notifies users of new deals on the products that they tagged or expressed interest which makes it a perfect companion to have in the pocket, either on their phones or laptops users are always able to shop on the retailers’ website after being redirected from Shopcade.

Taking social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Shopcade learns from user interactions and provides fresh content specifically directed towards each user based on his own interests. Because each user has a dedicated feed personalized with their preferences the commerce platform is able to integrate with other websites with widgets – such has been the case of fashion bloggers and magazines such as Hearst Magazines that have integrated Shopcade’s shopping experience into their own websites.

The company has recently announced a new round of private financing topping at £2.5M that includes European powerhouse investors Pascal Cagni (previously managing Apple’s European business) and Michael Combes (current CEO of Alcatel-Lucent).

It’s not that the platform is overly innovative, but the simplicity of the user experience, mixed with fresh content and targeted deals might as well entice consumers looking for a one-stop platform to discover their new purchases. The social features coupled with a strong mobile experience put the cherry on top of it all, but how will they surpass Amazon as the de facto online marketplace?