Louis Dorard

Qucit launches world’s first bikeshare predictive API

Bordeaux-based big data startup Qucit released this month the world’s first bikeshare predictive API. It is tightly integrated in iPhone and Android app La Bonne Station (the new iPhone version was released yesterday). The app uses the API to power a visualization of predicted bike availability over 12 hours in the future, at any given […]

How connected objects are predicting your next move

How connected objects are predicting your next move

Building a connected object is usually seen as a hardware challenge. But in order for the object to be useful in real conditions, the software also has to be extremely well designed. Quite often, the interface that lets the user interact with the object is very limited by the nature itself of the object. One […]

I attended the US MAC market expansion program. Here’s what I think.

I attended the US MAC market expansion program. Here’s what I think.

Back in June 2013, CapDigital announced the first edition of ScaleUp, a new Silicon Valley immersion program for startups, set up in partnership with US MAC. The program is divided in two parts, a preparation that takes place remotely and a trip to Silicon Valley / the San Francisco Bay area. I just came back […]

Bouygues Telecom offering free unlimited Skype calls

Bouygues Telecom announced last Thursday at MWC in Barcelona that they are partnering with Skype to allow all of their customers (including those of their B&You brand, whether they have a price plan or not) to use the VoIP service for free on their phones. Now this is interesting news to me because, when I was living […]

Here’s some new Tax Credits just for French startups

The 2013 French Finance law, voted last December, has been a hot topic in the startup community because of a controversial capital gains tax hike proposal. The directions for the new law were set in the National Pact for Growth, a set of measures aimed at helping SMEs grow by fostering innovation, among other things. Apart […]

Stellar line-up at DotJS — more conferences to come

DotJS is a top international tech conference on JavaScript that took place last Friday in Paris and gathered 600 attendees. I’d say that more than half of them were from out of town, based on a show of hands. The organizers pitched it as “not a regular conference”, which shows at first sight by the choice of venue […]

Paris Motor Show: virtual tour in 360° video

Yesterday, Citroën launched their new website dedicated to the Paris Motor Show, one of the most important auto shows in the world that is expected to attract more than 1.5 million visitors. No worries if you’re unable to make it to Paris before 14 October, Citroën’s home page features a 360° tour of their exhibition floor, and it feels as […]

CNC-Oseo-RIAM can help fund your "image" startup

Although it has existed in its current form since 2007, the CNC-Oséo RIAM call for proposals is still a little-known way of getting funds for projects that deal with the “production, channelling and distribution of interactive or non-interactive images and/or sound, in a linear or non-linear form”. One of our most renowned French startups, Dailymotion, is using […]

Sketchfab, the "YouTube of 3D content", goes Pro

Ever wondered how 3D artists showcase their work on the web? Screenshots and videos. Not cool… If it’s in 3D, I want to interact with the stuff! Sketchfab is changing things and it is becoming a major platform for publishing and consuming this new kind of media on the internet. See — and play with […]

6 Parisian Startups Exhibiting at Siggraph in L.A.

Thanks to Cap Digital and the Agence Régionale de Développement, 6 Paris-based startups are exhibiting at the Los Angeles Convention Center where Siggraph 12 is taking place until Thursday 9 August. Siggraph stands for “special interest group on graphics and interactive techniques” and the event is the professional equivalent to the Consumer Electronics Show and […]