Planning growth in France, Eventbrite puts out report on events in France


Eventbrite LogoThis week, Eventbrite welcomed journalists, clients, users, and enthusiasts to a special session with CTO Renaud Visage, as well as members of the London & SF office, including VP of Marketing Tamara Mendelsohn, during which Eventbrite discusses its progress so far as a company, and its future in France and across the world. The company, which current works with events like Startup Weekend France, Start In Paris, and MeetInnov in France, also put out a report, which revealed some interesting statistics about corporate event organization in France.

Conducted in cooperation with CSA,, the report gives light into the potential of eTicketing in France, in enterprise and for individuals. With 91% of events organized on Eventbrite in 2012 targeting professionals, the report found that 58% of small businesses in France organize as least 3 events per year; however, the report found that the president or marketing director are often directly responsible for managing events in these small companies, which had, on average, 55 employees. With an Excel sheet (71%) being the most common way of managing events, there is a clear need for a full-service event management solution, and Eventbrite hopes to be that tool. The startup’s tools target the 5 stages of event organization – creation, promotion, ticket management, analysis, and entry management.

While Eventbrite has sprung up its fair share of clones over the years, it’s always been quite clear that Eventbrite was leading the innovation in the eTicketing space, and their investment in reports like this one show just how far they are willing to go to stay on the bleeding edge of innovation. During its announcement, Visage said the company was currently planning on bringing a local team to Paris – the company currently has offices in Berlin & London – and so for Eventbrite enthusiasts, now may be a good time to start bugging Renaud about a job.