Jaina Capital partners with Rentabiliweb – what future for online payments in France?

Jaina Capital partners with Rentabiliweb – what future for online payments in France?


Marc Simoncini, known for creating the online European dating scene, Jaïna Capital, and being a tax-targeted millionaire, entered into a partnership with Rentabiliweb. This means all of Jaïna Capital’s e-commerce activity will be under the umbrella of Rentabilweb’s e-payment services. If the words ‘Rent’, ‘Ability’, and ‘Web’ don’t stick out at first, I will try to de-construct the brand in three digestible ways:

Seamless & Secure Online Payment Service

Analyzing the user’s unique spending habits are Rentabiliweb’s expertise: reporting and customization tools with Be2bill, an integrated payment solution which effectively eliminate steps like awaiting approval from VAD and PSP.  Rentabiliweb adheres to PCI requirements so that the sensitive data and negotiating administrative fees become Rentabiliweb’s responsibility- not the ecommerce site.

Jaina Capital’s big gamble on Rentabiliweb

“Jaïna Capital only invests in projects with major potential and supports leading European web innovators.” – Maddyness This sounds promising, emblematic, and almost like Rentabiliweb made the list of the Fortune 500. However, this past fiscal year was rough- 15.9% drop in revenues for 2012. The strategy seems to mobilize forces with Jaïna beginning with a restructuring plan of its subsidiaries in the B2B and B2C sector.

Data, Data, and more Data

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores e-commerce sites struggle to get to know their customers. A 2013 report by LivePerson revealed that an alarming 83% of users need support in completing online transactions. The CEO, Jean-Baptiste-Descroix Vernier reported, “On the Internet, less than 2% of people entering a shop actually buy. In the physical world, the proportion is 50%. We have the expertise to enable e-tailers to increase the rate of transformation.” Rentabiliweb will offer the traditional services of a bank and tools to encourage a better understanding of clients for greater retention. On a global financial scale the service “will help increase conversion rates in France and internationally” says Emmanuel Prevost, Associate Director of Jaina Capital.

What do you think of this move?