Wiki Stage makes its big debut on March 30th at ESCP – get your tickets now!

Wiki Stage makes its big debut on March 30th at ESCP – get your tickets now!

Wiki is going Live on March 30th

Google hit #1 for an illness, geological event, or even obscure person, will most likely be a site called amassing 78 billion views a year. For research purposes Wikipedia is instantly accessible, free, and comprehensive. The Enlightenment, a period marked by the emancipation of mankind’s ideas, may have been the preface to a wider event- an emancipation of users to freely process and produce valuable yet digestible content. Privileged information formerly available via pricey educational platforms are now accessed at events like Wiki Stage.

What is the Vision of Wiki Stage?

Our vision of tomorrow is based on how we value the ideas of today. Everything we do- not what we say- matters. We can congratulate ourselves for having gleaned a $10,000 TedX ticket or for being the first to witness the unveiling of a new idea or technology, but we will never reap the rewards of a conference unless we, the spectators, become actors. Wiki Stage, started by Johannes Bittel, began out of a shared hunger for research, learning, and community. The ESCP Paris campus will host this year’s first Wiki Stage on Saturday, March 30th igniting excitement and support from students and academics alike, which is nothing short of a revolution.

Wiki Stage Line-up 2013

Serge Soudoplatoff is a serial entrepreneur, technology expert, and blogger. He co-founded 3 start-ups, 2 associations, and works actively as a consultant for Hadopi labs, Kzero, and lectures at HETIC- a virtual French school. His participation with Wiki Stage comes from a fascination with the tool that has allowed Kazakhs, Uzbeks, and nations to read encyclopedias written in their native language (not a translation) for the first time in history.

Nicolas Bouzou is an economist, founding director of Asteres, professor of business law and management in Paris II, and writes regularly for Atlantico. His book, “We hear the tree falling, but not the forest growing,” evokes a sense of urgency of the delayed but expected evolutionary event that technology will have on financial markets- after the decline of a failed species will arise a more advanced one.

Antoine Hervé began his journey as an entertainer and will make his debut as a guest speaker at Wiki Stage. His definition of Jazz is simple- musical improvisation relying on a binary rhythm which carries a beat like a child on a swingset. In the late 80s he worked alongside Quincy Jones during his stint as art director for the French National Jazz Orchestra.


Caroline Delboy is known for the Disco Soupe event to raise awareness for food sustainability. At the event a soup was literally prepared by hundreds of participants gathering rejected perishable goods like meats and vegetables.




Must watch:

Philippe Gabilliet, Professor on Luck & Optimism

Phil Waknell, Presentation Coach

Paul Bourgine, Professor of Cognitive Science

Jacques Birol, Entrepreneur & Author

Gadzby, Guitarist & Singer

Alexandre Pachulski, Talent Finder

Idriss Aberkane, Knowledge & Gaming Expert

Declan McCavana, Founder, French Debating Association

Camil Kanouni, Singer & Songwriter

Miguel Gonçalves, Portuguese Entrepreneur


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Event Details

ESCP Europe, Main Theatre (Vital Roux)
79 Avenue de la République
75011 Paris, France

March 30, 2013 from 13:00 – 21:00