Nadia Leung

4 Reasons to Upgrade your Evernote Account with Azendoo

You rely on tools like watches, alarms, notifications, calendars and moleskines to help “manage” your time. The real manipulation here is visualization, so long as we have our eggs lined up in a row, we can get cracking, so to speak. There is no better way to evolve the culture of your team than by […]

Interview with Waze – 34 million users and counting

Interview with Waze – 34 million users and counting

Waze is a GPS mobile app that helps drivers navigate the globe in more efficient and adventurous ways depending on your destination. Concert, no address? Waze will take you there. The online Waze community has astronomical stats for any startup: doubling users in July 2012 from 10 to 20 million in 6 months! Apparently Waze […]

Evernote bans Class Action Suits

Evernote bans Class Action Suits

Do you have a moleskine- an elegantly crafted leather-encased journal that carries your thoughts, sketches, and heartaches? Moleskine has an internet equivalent called Evernote. It’s a logical next step for someone who wants to make his or her diary the internet. No, this is not a Xanga or Livejournal (90s kids!), this is an organized […]

Berlin startup Twago brings its recruitment solution to France

Whether you are on LinkedIn or Viadeo, your account is like a dating profile for job recruiters. Some of us use attention-grabbing headlines or upload various publications to improve our own click-through-ratings. CEO’s like Richard Branson have profiles with intriguing past experiences and various memberships to exclusive organizations. I especially love reconnecting with old friends […]

Battle of the Bands: iTunes knocks FNAC out!

The French retailer of digital music, FNAC, will now use Apple’s storefront, iTunes. After 8 years of plans to compete in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, FNAC will finally close its doors ‘online.’ FNAC will bring in the new year on January 1, 2013 transferring all it users’ credits to iTunes accounts under a terms […]

Whyd cofounder Gilles Poupardin talks Music, Paris & Sean Parker

In my first ever interview showcasing the start-up Whyd, Gilles Poupardin, the co-founder and CEO discusses his goal of evolving music curation experience that connects fans (not unlike twitter) with their respective artists. Spotify, Deezer, and Pandora are three globally dominant online music streaming platforms that have not only impressive UI design but a massive following – millions tune in […]

Apple purchases Swiss clock trademark for $21 million

Hans Hilfiker of SBB national railways designed the analog alarm clock for your iPhone back in 1944. True, Apple didn’t come into existence until April 1, 1976-but  today, Apple avoids a lengthy and costly litigation process with the Swiss railway in a $21 million purchase. This is creating a lot of buzz on the internet partly because […]

5 Futuristic Start-Ups conceived in the 1900s

The imaginations of one artist c. 1900 prophecy the millennial lifestyle. 1.  mySpark Technologies From the small class size and male-only student body you can tell the illustrator is clearly from the 1900s. By use of mechanical energy to initiate the electrical signals, the machine feeds knowledge and information via electrical wires despite the clear […]

10 Little-Known Facts about the France vs. Google dispute

1. France vs. Google is a User Custody Battle Online news consumption is more about user behavior than about media content. What fails to connect the user with content has more to do with an underdeveloped system in place to synthesize modern media curation. The tendency of online newsprint is to maintain the status quo, […]

4 Time Myths Entrepreneurs Get Wrong

Entrepreneurs will get this wrong as Lance Armstrong did which is to finish quick and dirty. You can’t afford to work as hard as you do if you miss key concepts about time. What do you think your start-up needs more? A massive twitter following? Likes on Facebook? User acquisition due yesterday? How you value […]