Nadia Leung

France is waging a losing Google Ad-war!

What’s scarier than a zombie apocalypse? Worse than Paris monsoons? Far more frightening than watching [REC]2 alone? Having Google inform your government ministries that they will “no longer reference [insert nation-state here] websites.” Pressure from French newspapers forced lawmakers to pass legislation restricting copyright infringement. Lawbreakers will face up to 300,000 euros in fines. To […]

Ben & Fakto founder Kevin Straszburger talks Startup Failure

Ben & Fakto founder Kevin Straszburger talks Startup Failure

Who are you and where are you right now? I’m Kevin Straszburger, I just founded Ben & Fakto, with two friends last year. We started the company just after finishing French business school EDHEC in June 2011. Right now I’m living in Singapore. Prior to working in Singapore, you were the co-founder and CEO of […]

Nobel Prize awards Quantum Strides and Leaps in Physics

Nobel Prize awards Quantum Strides and Leaps in Physics

Breakthroughs in quantum computing were awarded this week to two scientists Serge Haroche, of Paris, France and David J. Wineland of Milwaukee, USA. The coveted Nobel Prize in Physics was earned “for ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems.” The Nobel scientists achieved distinct methods to directly analyze fragile quantum […]

French study shows Child Tablet use on the Rise

Research shows that sitting motionless for hours contributes to weight gain, attention disorders and drops in intelligence. At work, on the train and at home people stay glued to glowing tablets, computer screens and mobile devices. How have our habits changed with the increasing dependence on smartphones? Have we taught our kids that accessing ‘’instant” stuff […]

Vive GoogleTV in France!

As promised by Sony Chief, Philippe Citroën, GoogleTV is now available in France. While it is not a nationally recognized jour férié, Google TV wants to invade your home and offer a novel entertainment experience. Via ethernet cable or WIFI, your mundane TV can access the internet on the default web browser, Chrome. The following […]

Why France Needs to re-invent the Jobs Market

Yesterday, while grabbing lunch I was nearly straddled by CIF protestors along Blvd Haussmann distributing pamphlets emblazoned with the cautionary words, “Tu te perds mon François- Repense à toutes ces années de service!” In the first week of September the CIF was greeted with the resignation of their CEO, a government bailout approved by the […]

Deezer Is Killing The Music Download

We are no longer patrons of the arts-we are consumers of mixtapes and recycled beats that expire as soon as the next hit comes along. And we will not be dictated to in terms of our musical tastes because we can choose between 500 legitimate music services worldwide offering up to 20 million tracks. We have […]

5 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Neil Armstrong's Legacy

Here at RudeBaguette, what drives staff columnists and subscribers alike is the shared glory and dream of entrepreneurship. Whether you’ve launched a brick-and-mortar startup or mobile app, the conception of an idea is a miraculous one. Nearly three decades ago, a man exited a spacecraft and planted both his feet on the surface of the […]

TUI blames losses on France's Stay-cation trend

At work, I am fairly stressed. I edit documents, organize productions, and when I’m really unlucky I have meetings to attend as soon as I arrive- thus skipping the sacred breakfast. When it’s all said and done, work sucks. This is why vacation was invented. Vacation is a luxury to some and but a healthy […]

Pradeo raises Funds to combat Mobile Viruses

Mobile phones are listed as the most contaminated devices-1 in 6 are covered with fecal bacteria like E. Coli. What’s worse is that we also need to be hyper vigilant when it comes to our software viruses too! Pradeo Security Systems has patented technologies which offer security solutions for mobile devices. The installation of integrated […]