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Microsoft search guru Frank Fuchs talks Cortana & the future of search

Lengow wrapped-up another highly successful edition of its eCommerce Day last week. While the event focused squarely on the practical, giving eCommerce vendors tip and tools to improve their business, they also offered some insights into new innovations affecting the sector via a keynote by Frank Fuchs, Microsoft’s top European OSS Evangelist and well-known search […]

5 French Startups to launch this week

5 French Startups to launch this week

We, FrenchTech lovers, are always looking for the “next” Deezer, the “next” Criteo, the “next” Dailymotion… Among the hundreds of startups launching every month in France, it’s basically finding a needle in a haystack. At the RudeBaguette, we are basically living in the haystack: it’s our job, nay, our passion to look for new products […]

Great Gamification Examples: 2048 and Girlfriendly.

Great Gamification Examples: 2048 and Girlfriendly.

Who does gamification well?  Do you need to always include leaderboards and other jedi-mind tricks to make sure your application sticks and is downloaded, used, and talked-about by millions of people?  Not necessarily, it really depends on what your specific goals’ for your app are and the demographics you are targeting. Here are two apps […]

Work hard, play harder: inside the offices of online poker leader Winamax

Pursuing its mission to fight unemployment and talents’ misfits, the Rude Baguette is featuring interviews of startups (small and bigger) participating in next edition of the Paris Startup Job Fair. Whether your job is insanely boring, your talent is misunderstood by your boss or you are not so keen on going back to Pôle Emploi, […]

[Infographic] Startup talent: who wants to work for startups in France?

Part of our global mission is to bring together under-exploited talents and high potential startups together: this is why we are organizing the second edition of the Paris Startup Job Fair on April 5th at Le Cent Quatre. In order to know more about the profiles interested in the startup atmosphere, we conducted a study on […]

France just put the guy who killed the Yahoo!-Dailymotion acquisition in charge of the Digital Economy

In France this week, President Hollande has announced a suite of changes to his staff of Ministers, in an attempt to improve his approval ratings and turn around the administration. Among those announcements came an announcement that Fleur Pellerin, the Junior Minister of the Economy and Startups, would have her post eliminated and rolled into […]

Creads raises €3 Million for their crowdsourced creative agency

Creative agency Creads announced a €3 Million round of funding from CM-CIC this week, which will help the company take their model international. Founded by Ronan Pelloux & Julien Mechin in 2008, the agency receives briefs from clients like SNCF, BNP Paribas & Bouygues Telecom, and then presents the brief to its community of 50,000 […]

Announcing 5 more speakers for the Connected Conference: Samsung, ARM, Kolibree & more!

The Connected Conference, sponsored by SIGFOX, is excited to announce 5 new speakers at Europe’s 1st connected hardware conference, taking place June 18th-19th in the heart of Paris: Luc Julia, co-founder of SRI and co-creator of Siri, currently working at Samsung on SAMI, the next evolution in Siri, will be opening up the conference as […]

Balderton Capital raises a $305 Million fund for Series A investments in Europe

Balderton Capital has raised a $305 Million fund dedicated to Series A investments in European tech startups, the London-based VC Firm announced this week. Founded in 2000, Balderton Capital has invested in many of Europe’s most successful tech startups in the past 14 years, including Betfair, Lovefilm (Amazon), and MYSQL – in France, Vestiaire Collective, Psykosoft […]

RudeVC Infographic: Entrepreneurs vs. VCs

What would April 1 be without a little fun? Although VCs and Entrepreneurs are fundamentally different animals, they do share a few traits in common, as the infographic below depicts (special thanks to Jerry Yang for his artistic talents in helping me design this).