Work hard, play harder: inside the offices of online poker leader Winamax

Work hard, play harder: inside the offices of online poker leader Winamax


Pursuing its mission to fight unemployment and talents’ misfits, the Rude Baguette is featuring interviews of startups (small and bigger) participating in next edition of the Paris Startup Job Fair. Whether your job is insanely boring, your talent is misunderstood by your boss or you are not so keen on going back to Pôle Emploi, join us and discover your future dream employer! It might be Winamax, find out more about them in this article before meeting IRL on the 5th of April.


Winamax is a Paris-based startup dedicated to online poker. Among its investors, the startup counts Marc Simoncini (Meetic), Alexandre Roos (Caramail), Christophe Schaming (Caramail), and Patrick Bruel (artist and poker world champion). The platform offers more than an online poker table: players can use a central chat, a Poker school, read articles and watch videos on competition’s news. Raising stars of the “Team Winamax” are here to answer players’ questions and give away pro tricks. The french-speaking community today counts more than 1,000,000 members.

Winamax’s technical team always works to develop more innovative features on top of its platform – that a team of experts developed from scratch. Mastering both the technical and marketing sides of online poker, the startup is already the number 1 platform dedicated to online poker.

The team is made of 80 people, divided among the Tech, Customer Relation and Marketing & Communications department. There offices are located in Paris, 7th arrondissement.

At the core of Winamax’s business and philosophy: playing

Playing is a key-value for a company dedicated to poker, that’s why all games are important in the office. In addition to a cafeteria and sports room, Winamax’s offices have a dedicated area where employees can cool off, counting a great number of board games. On a regular basis, the team gathers for partying: the annual concert night, summer barbecue or a Yearly Poker Tournament.

Winamax’s HR puts its standards very high in terms of shared ambition and work conditions. Building a sense of community is a strong asset in the company, making their employees faithful to the team. Therefore, part-time or remote work is not encouraged in the company.

This feeling of community translates for instance in the choice of posters hanging on the walls: photographs by Grégoire Camuzet especially created for Winamax. The photographer took Winamax Pro Team as models for his remake of famous movie posters: Gaëlle Baumann is Black Mamba from Kill Bill, Davidi Kitai is Raoul Duke, from Las Vegas Parano.


Picture from the exhibit “Vegas Unchained” by Grégoire Camuzet

Winamax is recruiting at the Job Fair!

Winamax’s current leader position is the consequence of a capacity of producing very quick results resulting from strong task forces’ work. This is a guarantee for clients to get a renewed offer of services and for employees to always get exciting new projects.

The Paris office is looking to recruit profiles capable of accompanying the startup in developing the future features of the platform, using a variety of technologies such as JavaScript/HTML5, AS3/Flex, iOS and PHP. The applicants need to be experts in their fields yet not forget to be humble. Being proactive and dynamic and know how to share and collaborate are also key qualities applicants should have to work at Winamax.

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