Gregory Menvielle

Great Gamification Examples: 2048 and Girlfriendly.

Who does gamification well?  Do you need to always include leaderboards and other jedi-mind tricks to make sure your application sticks and is downloaded, used, and talked-about by millions of people?  Not necessarily, it really depends on what your specific goals’ for your app are and the demographics you are targeting. Here are two apps […]

Should you take payments in Bitcoin?

Should you take payments in Bitcoin?

Getting paid is always the most important part of keeping a business afloat and, if you are to believe the local companies, getting paid in France can be even more of a challenge given some companies’ lackluster payment practices.  So it falls upon us to make payment as simple, and as frictionless as possible. The […]

The limit(ation)s of Connected Devices

The limit(ation)s of Connected Devices

I am absolutely fascinated with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  This mystery gives us a perfect window into how we view, react, and interact with technology and our ability to make up stories to explain the data. I am not talking about stories in the sense of the bedtime lullaby that we tell […]

The first thing I do is cheat

At Mobile World Congress, Jesse Freeman surprised most of the audience, and us panelist as well, when he admitted that whenever he got a new game, the first thing he did was look at ways to cheat.  At least he is honest! However, Jesse’s behavior is not an exception and spreads beyond games into enterprise […]

MWC2014 Wrap-up

This year, I attended MWC 2014 with 2.5 hats on: 1. was being showcased on the Intel booth as we use their XDK to develop the mobile portion of SmartNotify.  So I got to experience MWC from an exhibitor’s perspective; something quite unique for a Startup that would, otherwise, not be able to afford […]

Apps that leak personal data and a change in android licensing: Will we change how we build software?

As we work on our software and applications it is always good to pause and look at how some news could, or should, affect our ecosystem. Two separate pieces came out this week that will likely have some influence on how our products work and how they are distributed. First, I am sure you read about […]

When a great makes book makes you yearn for the future of publishing

Holidays are always a good period to catch up on reading and given the launch of our forthcoming mobile app (fear not, all HTML5), I went with a book covering data management and services in an HTML5 setting. So the Kindle got loaded with HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook, written by Gori Kosev and Mite […]

What’s next in 2014 for Europe’s tech ecosystem

Rather than sit back and reflect on the year that was and lament the loss of Google Reader, let’s look ahead to 2014 and what it could bring to the European tech ecosystem. For Gamification to be used for good.  I have been to too many meetings where people bring up gamification as a tool […]

Will WebRTC Defeat Skype? Technology does not a product make

In a time when the average lifespan of a tweet can be calculated in seconds and the fight for eyeballs is constant between publishers, it is becoming increasingly common to read outrageous statements to capture one’s attention and wrongly put the spotlight on otherwise promising technologies. HTML5 has got its share of over-the-top statements lately […]

API-Days conference: Paris takes the lead in the API Economy

Over the last two days, I had the pleasure of attending the very interesting and well ran API days conference in Paris. The conference was ran by the teams at Webshell and Fabernovel. As the API economy is growing, it is great to see that the Paris techies are trying to be thought leaders rather than […]