5 French Startups to launch this week

5 French Startups to launch this week


We, FrenchTech lovers, are always looking for the “next” Deezer, the “next” Criteo, the “next” Dailymotion… Among the hundreds of startups launching every month in France, it’s basically finding a needle in a haystack. At the RudeBaguette, we are basically living in the haystack: it’s our job, nay, our passion to look for new products as they are created and we get info on emerging projects every day. It seemed pretty obvious to us that we had to offer our readers and all French startup lovers a way to find the so-desired needle. Therefore, we created the Founders Event.

On Tuesday night, we are gathering 250 co-founders, VCs, business angels and journalists in Google France’s offices to discover this new event by the RudeBaguette. Since there is no such thing as “The One” startup or product every month in France – the diversity of projects launching is too big, and that’s why the French scene is so dynamic – we selected 10 finalists to come and have a chance to demo on stage. Some were already known by our team and some submitted their product when we announced the event and gave us a great deal of surprises.

Among the finalists, some companies have already been in the light and are launching a new product, and some are just brand new startups. 5 of them will be selected to launch on stage in front of the crowd, who will get the chance to have its mind blown by the quality, creativity and innovation of the winning products.


The RudeBaguette is not alone in its mission to help new and awesome products to launch. We created a team of partners all motivated by the same desire to help the FrenchTech ecosystem grow. Orange Fab France, the 3-months accelerator program focusing on tel-co startups, is our Official Sponsor on the event. Pascal Latouche, it’s director, will come and tell us more about Orange Fab’s initiatives (plus a little scoop, but he’ll tell you more about it).

Paypal Blueprint, the startup accelerator, focused on commerce and Oxalide, the hosting platform, both know what it’s like to be a startup and to grow. They are both partners of the event and we will be very glad to hear Edouard Ly, from Oxalide and Orkun Saitoglu, from Paypal, tell us more about their stories on stage.

Google France is supporting us by hosting the event and thus making it possible. This is not the only way Google supports the startup scene: Martin Gorner, Mr “Entrepreneurship Outreach” at Google, will share his experience of launching a product and explain how Google can help products grow from 0 to 1.

Since we got the whole ecosystem present, it seemed only natural to have the support of the French Tech Label, who will come and let you know more about how and why to be proud to be part of it.

If you’re around on Tuesday night, I would recommend you book a ticket right now (there are only a few left). I don’t want to spoil but I’ve heard you might see some connected objects that you’ve never heard of, discover a few million-dollar entreprise-solution ideas, and more.