[VIDEO] “Hello Startups!” – Neelie Kroes tells European entrepreneurs to make their voices heard

[VIDEO] “Hello Startups!” – Neelie Kroes tells European entrepreneurs to make their voices heard

Neelie Kroes

This week Neelie Kroes, VP of the European Commission and in charge of the EC Digital Agenda, addressed European entrepreneurs in a YouTube video posted to her official YouTube Page. The video calls upon European entrepreneurs as an essential part of the European economic recovery, saying that “your professors and politicians need to remember you are there, and that they need to support you.” Kroes goes on to say that “if they aren’t doing that — make sure that they know about it, and tell me too.”

“These new ideas, inspirations, innovations, won’t come from me; they’ll come from people like you.”

The video was posted as part up the Startup Europe Initiative, which has seen Kroes speaking at conferences around Europe, as well as getting together the European Leaders Club, a club of successful European entrepreneurs (Spotify, Skype, Rovio, etc.) advising Kroes on how to support the startup ecosystem.

“The EU Startup Europe initiative is all about assuring you have the recognition, rules and the resources you need.”

As part of Startup Europe, Kroes says she will be going on tour to spread the message that startups are cool, and that they are the future of the digital economy. This more or less mirrors what Kroes said when they announced the European Leaders Club – part of the problem is communication and visibility, and in order to do so, Kroes herself will be spreading the message “around and across Europe.” It’s nice to have someone championing startups – I wonder how loud her message will be.

Hat Tip to MyJobCompany.com CEO Gregory Herbé for picking up on the video