Jolidrive rolls out Search and says Dropbox, Google Drive & YouTube among most popular services

Jolidrive rolls out Search and says Dropbox, Google Drive & YouTube among most popular services

jolidrive-search-music1When Tariq Krim and the Jolicloud team announced the move to Jolidrive, they promised many more new services and enhancements in the coming months. Earlier this month, the team announced the Jolidrive integration with CloudApp with a nice 20% discount on CloudAppPro. Now comes the addition of one of the most sought after services by Jolidrive users, search. One of Jolicloud’s strengths is their ability to draw inspiration from their user feedback to help evolve their platform and the addition of search is simply another example of that.

Jolidrive users will now have access to integrated, native search, helping them find music, photos, documents, and videos across all of the social and other third-party cloud apps they’ve integrated into their dashboard. As discussed previously, Jolicloud’s broader goal has always been to give its users ‘control over their digital lives’. So now, Jolidrive not only gives users a central platform for accessing all of their online content, but also gives them the ability to easily find and sort through all of that information.

In speaking about how Jolidrive continues to evolve as well as which specific services are in the pipeline, Tariq Krim adds:

“We have successfully launched Jolidrive… it’s been our bigger adoption  ever. We are now deploying a new service a week. Dropbox, Google drive and Youtube are our most used services…. People are asking for more services all the time and the most requested is Evernote. The good news is that it is currently being tested internally and we are finalizing some API connexion with the Evernote team. Scribd, Slideshare, Dailymotion, Deezer, radio, Spotify, they are all coming in soon…”

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