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Earlier this year we introduced you to Hot Apps Factory’s App Cooker (aka the App-conceiving App), and took a particularly close look at what they had planned for their flagship product.  Hot Apps Factory have come a long way over the last several months towards their goal of making App Cooker even better and, as a result, are now launching a significantly enhanced version with over 100 new features and improvements.   One of the principal updates in the new version is that it is now retina ready.  This feature will help App Cooker get an even better leg up on the competition as they are apparently the only mockup tool supporting retina mockups.  In addition, they’ve also added new functionality to improve collaboration (i.e. ability to export PDF or JPG mockups via Dropbox and Box), ease of use (i.e. smoother transitions through screens and an enhanced link tool), and more personalization (i.e. fully customizable colors and gradients).  Lastly, this release is ‘user-inspired’ as several of the enhancements were suggested by their users, including advanced picture management, which enables seamless modification an image’s size or shape, and the new play mode, which allows for better navigation between the Editor and the Player at any point in the mockup process.
In addition to staying ahead of the competition in terms of product enhancement, they also have emerge this year as a leader in the increasingly crowed markup app space as they are currently the number one markup tool on the AppStore in terms of rank and reviews and also have frequently been in the top 20 productivity apps.
So to celebrate their new release and their successful development, the App Cooker team will be giving away 5 free downloads of App Cooker’s latest version to our readers.  If you’d like to get your hands on the latest version for free, be one of the first five to comment below!

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  1. Max

    Hope I can get a promo!:D
    Twitter: @maxhasadhd

  2. Maccarthney

    Me !! Me !! Thx for this awesome app 😉

  3. Matthew

    I would a promo too. @mithril

  4. Gavin Wightman

    Yes please, would love one, always been curious about this but the price tag put me off….

  5. koalamaniak

    it seems no 😉 i said thx for all, appcooker is an awesome app !!

  6. Daniele

    This is a cool app, and seem that I’m the 6th, too late! shame on me 😀

  7. Max

    the app looks amazing, very expensive though. hope they send promos out soon.

  8. Jong-won Lee

    Can I get a Promo Code too? Your App is so cool~ 😀

  9. Bex Tindle

    You only seem to have awarded 3 codes… Or is it just that I can only see 3??? I’d love to get an App Cooker freebie if you still have codes to give away…:D

  10. Gavin Wightman

    Someone took my code before I had chance to redeem it – not very smart publicly posting them…. Sigh. I hope the person who stole it enjoys it….

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