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Mozilla Paris is gearing up to become the center for Mozilla in Europe

Despite the giggles and snickers, I’ve always been a Mozilla user – I still use the seemingly archaic Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client, and until recently I was a Firefox user – the Chrome App Store did ultimately got me, but I’m sure i’ll switch once Mozilla gets its add-ons and plugins together into […]

How the Internet and Open Data play into the policies of the new French government

How the Internet and Open Data play into the policies of the new French government

After confirming the structure of his new government last week,  newly appointed Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault kicked-off his tenure by announcing that of all members of new government have signed on to a far-reaching code of ethics.  One of the key themes contained within the code of ethics is transparency around government policies and actions which […]

Rude VC – Going public: It's complicated (part 2)

Rude VC – Going public: It's complicated (part 2)

In part 2 of his series on IPOs, Mark touches on the the recent Facebook IPO, what it does & doesn't mean, as well as a bit about the hype around IPO-ing in the US.

Viadeo Student Challenge calls for startups looking for a student Social Media team

Last year, Viadeo launched the first edition of its Viadeo Student Challenge. 2000 students applied to work on the social media strategy of the CNJE, a student association of young entrepreneurs. The selected students formed teams and presented their solution on the 29th of March earlier this year at an event attended by social media […]

French discount aggregator Miwim gobbled up by US based WhaleShark Media

Miwim, a Vannes-based ­discount aggregrator for the French consumer market, has been acquired by US based WhaleShark Media for an undisclosed sum. Miwim, a twenty-person company based in Vannes, is two years old. It operates under several brands, such as,, and Miwim reportedly had 2 million euros in revenue in 2011. Miwim […]

Appsfire: App recommendations the clever way

Whenever I am asked to look at a startup, whether as a mentor at an accelerator or startup event, or whether as a potential client for my web development firm, I always look at the same criteria. I first ask for a summary of the idea as well as the team behind it. I look […]

Uber competitor Chauffeur Prive launches in France. One Solution – Private Driver Race.

This past week I was surprised to see a new twitter account picking up some steam in the twittervers – when I finally looked into who @ChauffeurPrive was, I saw it was, in fact, an Uber competitor – and I mean, an über competitor. Having never tried either one of these services (the metro still […]

Paris-hosted New Cities Summit explores technology's role in sustainability

The inaugural New Cities Summit, sponsored by the  New Cities Foundation which was founded by Cisco, Ericsson, and GE,  was held earlier this week in La Défense.  The purpose of the conference was to bring together leaders and practitioners across various fields to discuss the challenges posed by urbanization as well as potential solutions for addressing […]

What you should expect from the LeCamping Season 3 Kick Off on June 4th

Earlier this week LeCamping announced the Kick Off Party for their 3rd Season of LeCamping, and while they may have forgotten to include the date of the event (It’s June 4th), they certainly are inviting all of Paris to attend. LeCamping will be announcing which startups have been accepting into season three (I believe there […]

Eole Water's Wind Turbine turns Desert Condensation into Drinking Water. Seriously.

Web 2.0 is all the craze in the innovation & disruption world, but it’s easy to forget that there are still inventors out there tinkering away with gadgets looking to solve physical problems – EOLE Water CEO Marc Parent is one of those inventors. The company, which derives its name from an early steam-engine plane […]